Pantry Raid

So yesterday evening while I was making dinner Ian and Kylie were playing. I had run upstairs to get the dirty clothes (cause we all know that multi-tasking while the little one is being watched is crucial to having a remotely clean house with what passes for meals on the table...) and when I came back down our sweet baby was eating something. Fearing that it may be a handful of Maya's kibble I calmly requested that Kylie "show me" and she opened her mouth to reveal... a Triscuit. I'll admit I was slightly relieved, but also annoyed that Ian was feeding her so close to dinner.

"Honey, did you give Kylie a Triscuit?"

"No, it's almost dinner time, isn't it?" (He asks like we eat later than we used to...)

"Yes, it's almost ready ~ but how did she get the Triscuit?"

So I began to search the floor and highchair for other leftovers from lunch or a snack yesterday. As I passed by the pantry I found the open box of Triscuits...

Today I decided to position myself out of the way near the pantry ~ with the camera of course ~ to see if I could catch the thief in action.

BINGO!!! (though the treat of the day was from the Keebler Elves)

"I know I heard something about dinner being almost ready, but the pantry door is open. Hmm, what should I do? Is anyone looking?"

"Last second check, I think the coast is clear!"

"Hello Mr. Elf and all your graham goodness! Let's see, this flap is the hardest part."

"This is gonna require two hands."

"Seriously? A ziplock bag? Doesn't Mommy know that I eat these things before they get stale?"

"Score! You were no match for me baggie! Good thing Mommy is too cheap to buy the 'yellow and blue make green' tighter sealing bags!"

"Sweet victory! And I'll still eat plenty of supper so Mommy won't know!"

I've really got to remember to keep that door shut!


C.C. said...

I love it!! Our girls are so clever:-) Darby sits and eats graham crackers as I write this!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

that is so hilarious. And she didn't know you were snapping pictures the entire time.. LOL

I have a pantry like that in my kitchen.. I'll have to remember to keep it shut at all times as well.

Anonymous said...

How adorable! That smart little buggar figures out things so quickly. I love her determination!

Jeff and Valerie said...

Oh too funny. What a cutie getting into the pantry all by herself to snag a litte treat. Smart girl!

Anonymous said...

What a little stinker!! but she your little stinker. :0)