In Search of "The Great Pumpkin"

Today we introduced Kylie to the time honored fall tradition of going to pick out a pumpkin. The farm we visited cuts the pumpkins from the vines and leaves most of them along the rows so that you can walk up and down looking for "the pumpkin." At first Kylie was unimpressed, but after a few minutes she got into the spirit and enjoyed herself!

"My first pick is this one! How many did you say we can get? I think we need one for each of us!"

"Chee! By the way, I think I found the Great Pumpkin!"

"Thanks for the ride Daddy, I'm getting a bit tired!"

"The other pumpkins may be big, but this one is my favorite!"

For years I daydreamed of taking my child to pick out a pumpkin. It was even more fun than I had imagined! We finished up family date night by going to the park for a little while so that Daddy could see Little Miss Independence on the playground equipment. She didn't disappoint! From there it was on to Foster's Grille for burgers and fries where we found out something important for Kylie's nutrition... if you offer green beans from home while you are waiting for food to arrive, she'll chow down!

More and more I find myself taking time to remember to thank God for the little things!


Jeff and Valerie said...

What a wonderful family date day!

Anonymous said...

What fun to pick out your own pumpkin. Thank you for sharing all of these "firsts" with us.
Can see how much she enjoyed herself. The wagon ride was surely a treat.

aunt Traci said...

How fun is that. And how hot was it that day? :)