Sisterly love

I remember wondering when we first got Maya if getting a dog before having children was a good idea. Today I witnessed firsthand that for us, with Kylie and Maya, it worked out just fine! The two are inseparable and clearly love one another enough to see past the hair pulling and licking.

"Hey Maya, say chee! Mommy has the silver box that takes pictures!"
(I had gone after the camera when Kylie sat on Maya's back while I was fixing dinner)

Maya says, "I love you kiddo!"

"Eeewww, gross! Mommy, Maya just licked me!"
(Haha, reminds me of when Traci and I were kids, but between us it was pinches and punches!)

"Well, I guess it wasn't that bad, but could you use breath freshener please Maya?"

Everyone needs a little sisterly love!


Anonymous said...

Maya is such a gentle, kind dog. What a nice big "slobbery" kiss. Seems Kylie didn't appreciate that gesture of love so much! haha

Aunt Traci said...

as I recall you were a slapper! Not a pincher or a puncher! That is why you always got in trouble, cause you left hand prints! :)

Jeff and Valerie said...

What a cute pair! GR's are the best dogs ... despite all that glorious hair that sheds all over everything (-:

C.C. said...

Nothing like "sisterly love!!" It's obvious that they love each other:-) What a gift.