Three days, three pictures

Sunday Ian went on to church (he runs the sound during our contemporary service and teaches our Sunday School class) and I stayed home with Kylie. She slept late and seemed to be back to her mischievous self shortly after fueling up on a big breakfast. We headed to mom's for the afternoon and were treated to a delicious meal and some rest time. I'm not sure if it was the jeans, the pigtails, the attitude, or the combo of the three, but suddenly Kylie looked much older. Even my cousin who joined us for lunch commented that Kylie looked different to her. Tell me where our baby went?

"Come on y'all! I've got my new purse and I'm ready to hit the pasture!" ~ not sure exactly where she thought she was going, but she sure wanted to go!

Unfortunately by the time she went to bed Sunday night she was fevered again. More snuggles, more Tylenol, and more sleep!

We cancelled our play date with Susannah for Monday and spent the day together instead. She woke up snugly and we read books, played with her letters (she'll hold one up, I'll say the letter and it's sound, and she'll repeat the sound ~ oh my goodness it is cute!), and played in the sink. By late afternoon Kylie was clearly tired of being with just Mommy (Daddy had an important phone conference) and decided that Maya would be more entertaining.
I'm so thankful we have a loving, patient, and gentle dog!

By early evening Kylie was starting to feel hot again, so she headed to bed pretty early and we prayed harder that the fever would finally pass. I left for preschool this morning before she woke up and by the time I got home it was clear that she was back to normal. Just before nap time (wonder how I knew she was gearing down for a rest?) she collected a few balls and climbed into the papasan chair.
Too sweet!

And in random Kylie news, her current favorite vegetable ~ far surpassing green beans ~ is frozen peas. And by frozen I do mean straight out of the freezer...


Anonymous said...

So happy that our little darling is finally over the fever and her
little eyes are sparkling again.
She IS growing up so fast. The many pictures that you blog give the proof. Just look back to some of the older blogs and the difference is amazing! She is definitely become a self assured little girl - congratulation Mommy and Daddy.

aunt traci said...

My girl is a natural born shopper! She just needs to figure out where to go to spend Mommy and Daddy's money! (I don't think the horses take credit cards!)