That was sooooo yesterday!

Frozen peas? Umm, yeah, that was so yesterday! Unfortunately so are green beans... at least for today. Current veggie choice? Yellow or red bell peppers ~ raw. But the one thing I've come to expect is that tomorrow it will be yet another! At least most fruits are still preferred over graham crackers. But this too may be different when the sun rises.

And on the subject of changes, apparently the fever burned Kylie out on the gradual shift to preferring Daddy. Ian's had to pass off his putting Kylie to bed nights this week because suddenly "only Mommy will do" again. We have no idea what caused this behavior to return, but only know that on a moment's notice it will shift again.

One thing that isn't changing with the wind each day is that our baby is turning more into a little girl each day. Yesterday we met my cousin Monica and her kids at the park for a little outdoor time. Kylie actually made her way up the playground equipment on her own (every other time I've had to lift her up to the slides) and eventually got up the courage to make her way down.

"So Mommy is at the bottom of this, how do I get to her?"

"Now just to sit down and go..."

I failed to catch the pride on her face as she had her first "independent slide moment." Today it is playground equipment, tomorrow it will be speaking full sentences...

She accomplished several different sets of steps and ramps to get to several different slides. But slides weren't the only fun, meet Kylie's new friend Mr. Pelican.

"I'm gonna fly out of here!"

"Just kidding ~ I'm done! Please get me off this bird Mommy!"
By the way, in this photo she looks so much like her Aunt Traci as a toddler that it is almost spooky!

After over an hour of fun, it was time for one last slide. I finally managed to catch Chloe and Kylie in one frame together.

"Hey, wait for me!"

And then nap time began!


Jeff and Valerie said...

Love the pigtails! So glad to hear that she eats veges. Even if you have to figure out which one is the vege of the day. Malia won't touch them. We have resorted to buying vege chips and tofu.

Anonymous said...

It is so nice that Kylie is able to get together with her cousins Chloe and Toby. Looks like the morning at the park was quite a "hit". How brave of Kylie to go up the steps and down the slide by herself. She surely loves thrills!

aunt traci said...

Wow she does look like my toddler pictures! She is so adventurous! I love the piggy tails too! You should give her a fountain head and then she'll really look like me!