Change of plans

Today we were going to meet Beth, Anah, and Sera at Concord Mills for a few hours to help Anah spend her Limited 2 gift certificates from her birthday and then later meet up with Jen, Chris, Carter and John Christian for dinner. But this morning a little girl woke up with an unexplained fever...

So we spent a quiet Saturday at home instead. Daddy fixed us a huge breakfast (eggs over easy, home made hash browns, and English muffins with bacon butter). We sat in the living room watching Clean Sweep and Trading Spaces. What a lovely morning to sit back and do nothing important (after of course the Tylenol kicked in!) And we are shifting into a new stage with Kylie ~ she is slowly becoming more and more of a Daddy's girl!

It really has been amazing to witness the change in Kylie toward Ian over the past few months. She was never afraid of him, but at night she had a strong preference for me to put her to bed. There were many nights that he'd call me to come up because it just wasn't going to happen for him. This week she smiles, waves at me and says, "Bu bye!" while he carries her upstairs to her room at night. And today while she was sick she clearly wanted him instead of me. I remember once thinking that I wanted her to let him do more, but now that she is I think I take it back...

No, just kidding ~ I think.

After the breakfast dishes were cleaned, it was game time. Despite feeling lousy, our baby Hokie was able to put on her game face and enjoy the game with Daddy. My heart swelled as I watched her plop down on the floor beside him and mimic his clapping.

"Go Hokies!" ~ Daddy and daughter cheered their team to victory!

**The Hokies barely pulled off beating the Tarheels. Looks like it could be a long season, but one thing I really admire about Ian is his loyalty to his team! He is a Hokie fan through and through, he pulled for them during the losing seasons, and of course celebrated with them during the championship ones. Whether the Hokies are winning or losing, his enthusiasm is contagious and Kylie and I find ourselves drawn into the games as much as Ian!

Well, here's praying that tomorrow will bring no fever! I'm finding that watching my little one feel crummy is harder than I imagined!


Anonymous said...

Snuggle time is so wonderful! Too bad is usually comes most when the little ones are not feeling well.
She is definitely the cutest little Hokie that I know!

C.C. said...

I'm glad the Tylenol did its thing:-) And sometimes it's nice to have an excuse to stay in jammies until noon! Can you believe how fast our girls are growing!!!!!?????

Cindy M said...

I've been checking your blog the last couple of days to see how Kylie is doing. Hope she's better by now!