Here comes the sun!

Every now and then a parent gets lucky with a camera and after hundreds (okay, in my case maybe thousands by now) of snapshots manages to capture not just a picture, but also the personality of their child. Yesterday Kylie had a hair trim with Mrs. Vicki and we didn't have enough time to come back home, but were too early for the fellowship dinner at church, so she and I went to hang out on the church playground for about 20 minutes. She enjoyed the swings, the slides, and several little cars, but her favorite thing was the little "log cabin" with window shutters that open and close. For roughly half of our time there she stood inside the cabin opening and shutting the shutters and absolutely "belly laughing" each time she opened them and I acted surprised that she was inside. The picture has it all ~ the diva that requires sunglasses, the laugh, and the checking in to make sure that those she loves are nearby.

Have I mentioned how in love I (and Ian too!) am with this little girl? I asked at one point why no one told me that motherhood would be this wonderful. My friend Cindy answered that she never told me because I wouldn't have believed that it was true. I guess she's right, I wouldn't have dreamed it!

We did spend some time at the park with Kylie's friend Susannah on Monday this week. Kylie went down the slide with Susannah exactly three times and then decided that she would rather sit in baby Emma's stroller instead of playing on the playground. When the stroller got boring she just grabbed Susannah's backpack, our lunchbox, and headed off like a mini-woman on a mission. Of course I should have expected her to not want to play on the playground after I told Susannah's mom how much Kylie enjoyed that particular park... She really cracks me up sometimes!

And in important dental hygiene news this week... The Hokie toothbrush that I ordered Kylie weeks ago finally arrived today. She helped me open the box and after she took the new VT tumblers to Daddy (anyone who has been to our house can vouch that replacing the old VT cups was necessary ~ they were new when we first started dating 11 years ago and by now the writing was gone on most of them) I let her have her toothbrush. She checked it out, got excited, signaled to brush her teeth, and started running for the stairs to get to her bathroom. Yes, we'll keep the Tarheel one, but believe me she won't brush with it on game days!
Life is good!


Cindy M said...

That is the most awesome photo of Kylie! I LOVE IT! I am soon going to have as many photos of Kylie on my fridge as I do my own kids!


Anonymous said...

My precious little "sunshine". She truly loves the outdoors. Nice that she is able to spend time with little friends and cousins at some of the parks in the area.