You know how you look back at a day and think, "Well, if that was my biggest struggle today then it really was a good one!"

Yesterday's struggle: Kylie wanted to brush her teeth (her new FAVORITE thing to do) instead of finish her milk (her ABSOLUTE FAVORITE drink). Why was I so dead-set that she finish her milk first? (Because I knew she was already 4 ounces of her 16 ounces daily of whole milk product short ~ she fell asleep before she finished lunch...) Why was she so dead-set that she brush her teeth first? (She wants what she wants, when she wants it...)

It was a battle of wills because anyone that knows me knows that I can be hard headed. And she may not share my DNA, but the apple landed pretty near the tree! (Mama, stop laughing and saying that I'm getting what was coming to me!)

After a 30 minute standoff I finally declared an impasse and we played for a while. Then I backed down (she wasn't crying anymore) and let her brush the darn teeth. At least we aren't standing off about candy or cookies... YET!

We won't even discuss the fact that she now insists on ONLY using the Carolina toothbrush that honorary "Grandpa Mickey and Grandma Ann" (Uncle Adam's parents) gave her... But if anyone knows where we can get a VT toothbrush, holla! This is a HOKIE house after all!

Ian shows that he can get past ACC rivalry and help a girl clean those pearly whites.

Toothbrush battles? Yeah, it was a good day!


Cindy M said...

Well, thank goodness! I was beginning to think I got the only Chinese hot head of the bunch! Caroline has been throwing temper tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants...tomping her feet up and down, literally throwing herself on the floor, kicking her feet...she recently added a new element...pulling her hair and actually pulling some out! Helloooo! She doesn't have much to lose!

By the way, we had a 20 minute standoff the other day about Daddy giving her a bottle while I was cooking. Sheesh! She finally gave in, but she's as stubborn as I am, that's for sure. You nailed it...funny how God knows exactly what apples go with what trees, eh?

Laughing WITH you...

Cindy M said...

Okay, I can spell...forgot the "S" on stomping...

Allison said...

I think it might be a Lianjiang thing. Maggie about brought the roof down at a restaurant the other night because she did NOT want to sit in the booster seat. She is NOT a BABY! She is a BIG GIRL.

Yes, God is definitely sitting up in Heaven laughing and laughing. He knows what apple went with my tree.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a win-win situation. She stopped crying and was diverted by playing for awhile before she got to brush her teeth. Not always easy to raise a strong-willed child but always worthwhile!

Anonymous said...

Kylie is the cutest little girl i've ever seen! I just can't wait to see her in June.Well good luck taking care of her =) i LOVE her!!!!!!!!


Jeff and Valerie said...

My gosh I have missed a lot! The cheerleader outfit is great. She looks beautiful in it!

The toothbrushing battle is happening over here. Malia wants to do it herself or we get big tears and screams.