Family reunion

So the purpose of us driving to Akron was to gather with extended family to celebrate Don and Donna's 50th wedding anniversary. That means that there were 32 folks from my mom's father's clan hanging out for the weekend. There are 9 cousins in my mom's generation and 8 of them were in attendance. I don't think that I've ever stopped to count the number of the cousins' kids (I'm included in that number) but there were 7 of us there and then when you add to that spouses, fiancees, and Kylie's generation you have a rowdy bunch! Ages spanned from 80 to down to Kylie at 1. It was so much fun getting to visit with folks we only see every few years and introducing all of them to Kylie!

Many of my extended family faithfully followed our trip to China and some still read daily to see what Kylie is doing. That made it even more fun to let them meet her! She thrived on all the love and did her best to stay the center of attention. (She managed pretty well...)

"Yes, VT winning was pretty important, but has anyone else noticed this frog?"

"Extended cousins (we've never fully understood the second, third, and "once removed" thing) Julie and Laura are so hip! They're teaching me to text message on an otherwise forbidden cell phone!" ~ Thanks girls...

"Who's this mobster? No one else seems to be upset, so I'm gonna be entertained!" ~ Cousin Dale is pretty creative in announcing next year's reunion plans...

"Laura and Julie have so many toys to play with!"

It actually got cool enough to warrant sitting around the fire ring! And sit we did ~ it was about 11:30 when we headed back to our hotel. What a fun night of stories...

Car riding, football and meeting over 20 new family members was pretty exhausting ~ Kylie was sacked out!

"Can I score some of whatever you are eating Julie?" Sunday was more of what we did Saturday ~ eat and visit with family!

We look forward to the great family gathering next summer!


Anonymous said...

Kylie was indeed the center of attention for the weekend. We all lost our hearts to this adorable, beautiful baby. We can't wait to see her again next June when we all get together again. Donna

C.C. said...

That is by far the sweetest Hokie I have ever seen!!

Laura said...

I really enjoyed Kylie while she was here. She is funny in so many different ways! I'm sure she will change alot by the time we get to see her next in June.By the way i love her little laugh. Hope to see you all next year!!! =)