Just like Mommy and Daddy

I'm coming to realize that we have a little mimic on our hands! I was writing a few LATE thank you notes at the kitchen counter today and Kylie was playing at her Beauty Salon (thank goodness for hand-me-down stuff from cousins!). I looked up to see her pretending to wash her hands under the faucet. After she got done "scrubbing" she walked over to the oven and wiped her hands on the dishtowel. CUTENESS!!! Then I tried to figure out how she knew to wash up in the sink. I've never pretended to wash my hands in her play sink before, and I asked Ian if he had. He hadn't, so I guess she's picked it up from watching us...

Then later I had talked to a friend on the phone. I sat it behind me on the couch while I was snapping some pictures for our post-placement report. (I'll digress here a bit to say that I'm sure Ian and I are over-analyzing these pictures! We've been trying to figure out what the CCAA in China wants to see and have included a picture of all three of us, one of her signing, one of her eating blueberries, and one of her actively engaged with her Little People Farm. We just want the officials there to know how much we love her and how happy we think she is here with us...) As I was following her every move with the camera, she picked up the phone and started talking.

"Hello, is this Ms. Rika at Gateway to Athens? Do you guys deliver the greek meatballs? I'm hungry and Mommy tried to feed me peanut butter and jelly ~ AGAIN ~ for lunch today. I need something really yummy!"

She must have been craving Greek because she and I met Aunt Traci at the mall this evening. I brought Kylie a small container of green beans (to go with her 6 piece nugget meal with fruit cup from Chick-fil-a) and she insisted on dipping them in the tzatziki
sauce from my Greek salad (I did dip my pita in it...). At least she polished off all her chicken, green beans, and every last bit of fruit. Interesting to note that ~ for this week anyway ~ grapes have fallen out of favor and strawberries are back in number one fruit spot!


C.C. said...

Don't you just love it!! It makes me burst with pride when Darby mimmicks what me or Daddy are doing:-)

Anonymous said...

that is so cute!! I bet it is a joy having kylie! well good luck with her. haha =)