Happy Autumn Moon Festival

Tonight we honored Kylie's heritage by celebrating the Moon Festival (or Mid-Autumn Festival). We still don't know a whole lot about the holiday, but we did sit outside on the front porch and sample a moon cake (ordered through and some Chinese tea with Aunt Traci and Uncle Adam. The rest of us weren't crazy about the texture of the center of the cake, but Kylie thoroughly enjoyed her piece and rocked in the rocking chair for the longest time eating little bites and smiling.

"Hey, this is pretty good stuff! Can I finish your piece Aunt Traci?"

Then I told Kylie to look at the moon and because I don't know any Chinese songs about the moon, I sang her "I see the moon." (One my dad always sang to me as a child). As the two of us (Traci & Adam went home and Ian went back to work) sat there ~ for as long as she let me hold her in my lap ~ I couldn't help but think of the woman that gave birth to Kylie and I prayed that God would give her a peace about the decision she made over a year ago. I pray that she feels how much Kylie is loved and how grateful I am to her!

"I know Mommy thinks it is really cute that I'm gazing at the moon on the Moon Festival! Wonder how much longer I can put bedtime off?" ~ Not much longer, I finally figured her out!

I feel that I would be remiss if I failed to relate a cute Kylie/Maya story from this afternoon ~ when someone SHOULD HAVE BEEN napping...

I decided that if Kylie refused to nap that she'd see what "unfun" things I do during her nap time so she'd realize that sleeping would have been a better deal, so I began unloading the dishwasher. I had seen her over by the window (near Maya's food dish) a few minutes before and then heard the padding of little feet out to the dining room. Then I hear something hit the floor and Maya licking. Confused, I grabbed the camera (photo documentation rocks!) and decided to leave the dishes for another moment and investigate.

Little feet padded back to the kitchen area and at Maya's food dish I catch...

"Nothing to see here!"

At first I feared that Kylie had decided to take snacking into her own hands ~ I actually remembered to shut the pantry door so she couldn't get any graham crackers ~ but then I considered the noise in the dining room so I allowed her to keep the food and followed her as she took a short-cut through the kitchen.

Sure we've all heard to let sleeping dogs lie, but in our house? Seriously?

"Oh Maya! I know that little hit the floor from my chair today, so I have a treat for you!"

"Do you want more? Cause I can bring it!"

Well, that's one way to get a picky dog to eat her kibble...


nai nai miller said...

I often think of Kylie's birth mother and wish that she could know what joy her daughter has brought to our lives and how much we love her. She (Kylie's birth mother) made an unbelievable sacrifice and we are humbled by her courage. I know she would be proud of her daughter.

Jeff and Valerie said...

What a cutie making sure that Maya has plenty of snacks!

aunt traci said...

AUNT TRACI WILL GLADLY give up her moom cake stuff! yucky yucky! But really I was just being a great aunt and sacrificing so that Kylie could have more! :)
Nice going on the kibble Kylie. that is kindof like what Uncle Adam and I do with you for chocolate!!!