A Night at Extreme Play

Tonight was our preschool night at Extreme Play (a giant inflatable playground). At first I wondered why we didn't have a good old fashioned "skate night" at a roller skating rink, but after further thinking realized that not many 2 and 3 year olds would do well on roller skates...

Ian and I weren't sure what Kylie would think, but because we only had to pay for her admission and part of the money was going to the preschool, we decided to go and try it out. (Besides it meant that we would have an excuse to run around, climb and slide!)

Initially Kylie wasn't happy. The sound of all the blowers was overpowering in some areas and she looked timid about walking on an unsteady surface.

"I'm okay while Grace is holding my arm Daddy, but don't go far!"

"When I said I was ready to try something new I didn't mean a slide this high Mommy!"

"Do we ever have to go home?"
The blur should give an idea of how fast we are moving, click on the picture to see her excitement!

Needless to say next rainy or cold day that we have extreme cabin fever, we'll be going to Extreme Play to have some fun!

Ian and I decided to swing through Cookout for a shake on the way home. We let Kylie have a few swigs, but then decided that bedtime and chocolate malt shakes don't go well, so I put my milkshake on the counter. Kylie saw my action and brought about her equal but opposite reaction...

Nothing is safe on the counters anymore!


Anonymous said...

How fun! My precious granddaughter is an adrenalin "junkie"! Wish I could have been there just to watch. Next time, she'll be ready to start right in.
Chocolate milkshake, hmmm - that makes it worth carrying that heavy ladder to the counter! You go girl!

nai nai miller said...

Look how strong our little girl is!!! And determined!!! Doesn't let anything stand in her way to a chocolate milkshake. Now she will have to compete with Chaucer for food on the counter.

It is fun to see how excited she gets out of wild rides. When she graduates to roller coasters, she will be the one sitting in front with her arms in the air. I love her spirit.