Testing the waters and Maya's stardom

Last weekend we had the chance to go to nearby Lake Tillary with several friends to spend some time to "just be." We had no set schedules, lots of life jackets, a boat, a jet ski, and enough food to feed an army. Friday night after the seven kids were asleep, we adults threw caution into the wind and stayed up until past 1:30 just talking and laughing.

Far too early the younger children were waking up, and we all found ourselves down on the dock greeting the morning. Ian, Kylie and I decided that despite being up about two hours earlier than usual on Saturday, we'd at least "fake being morning people" and embraced spending the extra time with our friends.

The day was filled with eating (more fruit than you can imagine), tubing, fishing, floating, and soaking up the sun. Here's a photo journal of our time together...

Susanah helping Kylie put on her "frocks."

This is the stuff we live for these days. Kylie puckers up and says, "Mmmmm" when she wants some sugar from us. Too sweet!

Katherine helped me show Kylie how fun swimming in the lake was.

Floating time ~ Kylie did well in the water considering it was her first "non-pool water" experience.

"Enough with the swimming part, let me drive this boat! Get the keys Daddy, I'm ready!"

The fish were biting and kids of all ages were having a blast reeling them in!

Even Daddy caught one ~ yes, look closely! Ian is holding his catch... We joked that it was the bait for Neil's catfish!

This bowl of blueberries was no match for Queen Fruit Eater Kylie and her friends!

"Yeah, yeah, the blueberries were great and all, but this is what summer is all about! Long live watermelon!"

All in all it was a fabulous day spent with some great friends! We considered it a success for Kylie in a larger body of water. Hopefully it means good things for our beach trip next week. We've got most of the bags packed and a house/dog sitter lined up for our sweet doggie. North Carolina coast, here we come!!! And speaking of Maya, she was selected as "Pet of the Day" on Winston's Pals. Check her out by clicking here!

**I must say with amazement here that 6 months ago we were on a plane to Beijing! My how time flies!!! Sunday will mark 6 months from the time we met Kylie. It seems fitting that we will be at the closing celebration for CCC's 20th summer. Fitting because Ian and I met working at CCC, and also because we will get to spend a few hours in praise of our Almighty Father who was key in bringing our family together in the first place!


nai nai miller said...

Congratulations, Maya, on your Star status. I always knew you and Kylie would be best buddies.

Jeff and Valerie said...

What a great trip. We are morning people, but also stay up too late every night so we can savor a few hours of "me" time after Malia sleeps. Great photos!

As always Kylie is beautiful!

C.C. said...

These times are so precious!!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful Sunday School friends....and so many children friends for Kylie. Love the picture of Kylie in her life jacket. Wonderful, lazy summer days!