I've found that the daily grind of life is so much more interesting with a little one around! Kylie can take just about anything and make it new, exciting, or most likely just plain funny!

I suppose that I'm not the only new mommy on the planet that takes WAY TOO MANY pictures of her child, but I find myself laughing or thinking, "Oh my goodness that is too cute!" several times a day.

Riding in the car with Kylie is always an experience. She could scream unhappily unless I contort my arm behind me to touch her foot, she may babble her few words at me repeatedly, she might wildly flail her arms to conduct music, but most likely she will fall asleep. If she's not doing any of the above, she is finding ways to try to get our attention, usually clowning around... Last week on the way to church she demonstrated how Captain Hook got started. We call this one "Captain Bottle."

"This bottle sure is easy to hold..."

She continues to know how to work a crowd... There were several of us snapping pictures of her after church while she was wearing her hat. And goodness, no, she didn't wear it during the service! I consider myself lucky enough that she leaves bows in her hair all day, I'm not going to push my luck with accessory hats... This was just for the photo opp!

"I'm melting... meelllttiiinnggg. And yeah, I know I'm cute!"

Praise team practice is much more fun when Kylie dances to the music. We frequently do a "Kylie test" to determine if we will sing a song the following Sunday. If she dances, we sing it, if she doesn't, we look for a new song!

"Now this is what I call music! Rock on Uncle Adam, I've got your drum accompaniment going on!"

Even grocery shopping takes on a new light! I've always liked the grocery, but now it takes me double as long. Kylie has never been happier since we've discovered walking with the tiny buggies. I'm thinking that I know what she needs for Christmas...

"Let's see, what was on the list? Some green beans and corn for sure. Does anyone see the watermelons?"

Meal times have become a creative juggle of vitamins and minerals. For a while we were all eating mega healthily, and then at preschool my class focused on honeybees last week. For snack one day I took them Honeycomb cereal ~ looks like we'll be having it around the house more often! Kylie was very impressed.

"Just how long did you think I was going to be satisfied with grits or oatmeal for breakfast Daddy? Gimme more of that stuff!"

Oh sure, I do still look forward to the weekends, but not with the same intensity that I used to. These days I just look forward to the times that Kylie is awake, because I never know what she is going to try to say or do...

like maybe wear her favorite shoes in the tub. You have to choose your battles, right? **She also wore her FROCKS (Ian calls them that as short for "fake crocs") during her nap that day...


Jeff and Valerie said...

Okay I love the customer-in-training cart. Love it!!!!

Photos are great too. She is adorable!

Allison said...

Oh yes, the choosing of your battles. Glad I'm not the only one who has to do that!!! I have not shown Maggie the Customer in Training cart yet. I fear for my heels. For now, she is content with the rocket ship carts.
And yes, Maggie LOVES peanut butter! How could I have forgotten that?? :)

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

Cool shopping cart. Love that little red dress and hat.

So funny about the Frocs. :-)

Anonymous said...

The frocks (Ian's name for the fake crocks) in the tub is just too cute. Kristi, you can be certain that she is your child as she loves to grocery shop like you.
Brenda surely picked the perfect dress and hat outfit for Kylie. She looks so dapper in it.