Close encounters of the Cow kind

Pshew, we're home after 10 days of being gone. Kylie, her Aunt Traci, her LaoLao (maternal grandmother) and I started the madness by heading up to Ohio on the 2nd. I'll go ahead and state for the record that $50 extra per passenger is worth the direct flight between here and Dayton! We left NC at 5, stopped in Baltimore ~ you tell me how that's on the way! ~ and finally arrived in Ohio after 10:45. That's only about 2 1/2 hours less than it takes to drive...

Anyway, Friday the 3rd was spent relaxing at the home of my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Roger's until it was time to go to my cousin Lori's wedding. Wouldn't you know that I forgot to take my camera to that event, but it was a lovely evening! The best part of the reception was the surprise that instead of a wedding cake we had a banana split bar ~ good stuff!!! Kylie was especially excited to get some ice cream in three flavors...

Saturday we spent the day visiting with Kylie's great-grandfather, my aunt and uncle, and some of my cousins. Despite the fact that Ian and I visited my Ohio relatives in May, Kylie still had several "firsts" that day.

"Hey Great Grandpa, do you know where the accelerator is on this thing?" ~ Kylie's first pedal car ride

"Mommy, maybe you should get Daddy one of these so he doesn't have to push mow our 1/2 acre lot on a hill anymore! Besides, I could drive" ~ Kylie's first John Deere ride (note the thumb)

"Was Maya this small once? And if so, could we make her this small again?" ~ Kylie's first puppy playtime (a few minutes later she was crawling on all fours imitating little Dani)

"This stuff is good, do they sell them in NC?" ~ Kylie's first freezy pop

And then of course there was the cow encounter! Uncle Roger carried her into the pen at first (after cousin Todd assured me that they were very sweet cows) but before long her independent streak showed...

"Hi there Red! Stay still cause I'm gonna pet you."

"Good cow, I'm almost there... Todd, are you behind me?"

"So I hold out my hand and Red will let me pet him?"

"Here boy. Wait, are you going to lick me?"

"Cow tongue wasn't part of the plan, I'm outta here!"

Looks like we've gotta get a bit more country into this little girl...


C.C. said...

Ok, that's just funny:-)

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

did I realize you had family here in Dayton?? I'm not sure I did. (how did I miss that) If I had known, I would have surely met up with you if you would have liked such a thing. I love meeting up with blogger friends. Oh well, maybe next time you're in town.

Anonymous said...

Other than the layovers which caused our travel time to be so long; our trip to Ohio was delightful. Staying with Nancy and Roger; visiting June & Todd - the cows; visiting with Grandpa; Lori's wedding. All was lovely.
More new lessons for Kylie. Meeting cows, riding Uncle Roger's lawn tractor; meeting the puppy, Dani; dancing the night away at Lori and Bruce's reception; banana splits.