Teething blues

The day we met Kylie she had two teeth. Before we came home from China she had two more. I had expected drool, fever and general fussiness to go along with those two chompers she grew while we were there. We got the drool, but nothing else.

A few weeks after we were home, the drool started again. That was our only signal that more teeth were on the way ~ and soon there were four more to add to her collection.

While we were at the beach we noticed the drool returning. After close inspection (Kylie has a neat trick ~ when you say, "show me" she opens her mouth really wide. This is especially helpful during suspected teething and when she gets too close to Maya's food dish. Oh yes, I've caught here with more than one mouthful of kibble...) we noticed that two of her bottom molars were coming in. She chewed on more stuff than usual, but otherwise was fine.

All that changed today. Poor baby has had the drool (her shirt was soaked this afternoon from it), a fever just over 100, and has been "Miss Fussy McFusspants" most of the day.

Not that I can blame her! I remember so well what it was like the September after Ian and I got married when three of my wisdom teeth decided to come to the party at one time. I was at school and pressed a cold diet coke can up against my jaw until my principal noticed me and felt so sorry for me that she took over my classes so I could go home (subs halfway through a Friday in a middle school are non-existent). I had my wisdom teeth removed the following Friday ~ that was the most miserable I remember being without being majorly sick.

So today I've spent the day trying to console my little pumpkin. She had lots of treats (mostly cold melon that would help sooth her sore gums). When the Tylenol was in effect she felt fine and played around in the kitchen while I did some meal prep, but when it wore off she was "puny" and I spent most of the day carrying her around. She even napped in my arms this afternoon because she cried the most pitiful cry when I tried to lay her down.

"I run a clothing optional salon, just know that you must wear shoes for service!"
She felt too hot to wear clothes for a while ~ this was minutes after taking a dose of Tylenol.

I'm getting a better understanding now of what Mama always meant when she'd say, "I'd do anything to make you girls feel better!" I'd go through my wisdom teeth pain again if I could keep Kylie from suffering from her molars. She tried as hard as possible, but was just not her "happy-go-lucky" little self most of the day.

"Maybe Mommy will take the hint and get me some more watermelon!"
Moments during Tylenol high...

A few other developmental things about Kylie that I've forgotten to mention lately:

*Today she wanted to take a bath, so of course she did! She tried to stand up at one point and I asked her to sit back down. When she just looked at me I started slowly counting to 3 (it always works at preschool) while holding up my fingers to go along with the counting. As I watched her she began holding up her fingers along with me. (I have kids in my class at school that need me to bend and straighten appropriate fingers to count along). At dinner we decided to show Daddy our new talent. Not only did she remember how to hold her fingers, but she could correctly hold up the appropriate number of fingers even if you called them out of order!

*There is now a name to go with the leg slapping and "wu wu wu" that Kylie has used to identify Maya for months. Ian and I have both noticed her saying "Myyyy" when she wants Maya these days. Sweet thing is that Maya usually responds!

*She has become quite the little expert when playing with her shape sorter. She can locate the holes for the circle and the triangle all by herself and easily manipulates those shapes into the container. The harder shapes she now will continue to turn (after you show her which hole to try) until they fall through ~ this is an improvement from last week's performance of taking the lid off and throwing the star in the basket when she couldn't get it turned the right way!

*While we were at the beach Kylie learned to jump with both feet! When she really tries she can get about an inch off the floor. I'm not sure which is cuter, watching her actually jump, or the HUGE smile she gets when she does!

Why didn't anyone ever tell me how wonderful it would be to watch my child learn her dog's name and figure out how to get both feet off the floor? I LOVE being a mom!


C.C. said...

You know, it's so hot..the clothing optional salon is not a bad idea;-) I love Kylie in her crocs and diaper!!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

poor little Kylie and those molars.. dog gonnit! Love the clothing optional but shoes a must salon!! :-)

Cindy M said...

We didn't tell you how wonderful it would be because it would have ruined the surprise! And you wouldn't have fully believed it, anyway. Hope those molars come through soon and that Kylie doesn't launch into full-blown "Toddler Psychosis"! :-)

Salome's Mom said...

Poor baby, I hope she feels better soon. I LOVE that salon.

Stephanie Y said...

A trick the doc told me about those nasty molars coming in - freeze a wet wash cloth and let her chew on it. The cold will help the fever and it will feel so good on her gums. Frozen grapes are great too - cut up of course.

Jeff and Valerie said...

Oh yikes ... sorry to hear about the teeth. Malia has only two more that need to come in. Can't wait until that is over. I enjoyed reading about Kylie's development. An inch eh? That is awesome. Malia tries but can't quite get any air. Very funny. Hope Kylie feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

Poor baby! Four molars at one time. Love the pink frocks (as Ian calls the fake crocks!) and diaper. Sure that one day she will want to fix Grandma's hair at her salon. Can't wait for that! hahah