Of belly buttons and posing

Shortly after we got home from China I found the cutest outfit at my favorite consignment store (Me & Mommy ~ if you live near Harrisburg you should totally check it out!) and had to buy it even though it was a 12 month. With our typical warm springs I figured that Kylie would be able to wear it before it became to small.

What I didn't realize is that two factors would play against me. 1 ~ it stayed cool well into late May this year. 2 ~ Kylie grew as if we were applying Miracle Grow to her food daily.
I took the outfit (without ever trying it on her) with us when we went to visit Ian's dad up in the DC area. I had visions of taking her to AWAA's offices to let her meet Laurel wearing this adorable ladybug outfit. That Tuesday morning I put it on her, laughed, took some pictures, and then put her in outfit option #2.

Later that month we were headed to visit Caroline and her family. I knew that Kylie ~ though two months younger ~ was heavier and taller than Caroline and figured it would at least fit her. A few days later I got a funny email from Cindy with this picture of Caroline attached.

Determined that this outfit would not go to waste, I told Cindy to take it to St. Louis with her to give to Marisa. Despite the fact that Marisa was the smallest of Kylie's "Lianjiang sisters" in our travel group, we still had no luck...

So Natalie (Marisa's mom) is going to send me the outfit back and hopefully we will find a use for it someday...

All that said, it amazes me now to look back at how Kylie has become so much more of a "camera ham" since that photo of her was taken on May 15. These days she really cheeses it up and cooperates (most of the time) to have her picture taken! Recently when she sees the camera out has taken to going up to people, leaning against them, and saying "Hee." (cheese)

"What trick would you like me to perform for the camera next?
I could add sunglasses to my cuteness if you want!"

"Oh my goodness!" ~ pink shoes in hand and all!

"Aunt Traci is my favorite home girl!"

What a ham!


Darby's dad said...

that's hilarious!! although it's completely fashionable for girls to show the bare midriff. just ask britney hilton lohan!

Jeff and Valerie said...

Funny! What a hottie showing off her cute belly button!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet outfit and nobody to wear it - how sad. I'd wear it on her anyway. Looks like capris and a short top. Does liking shoes sound familiar, Kristi?