And the heat wave continues...

It's been hot! I began to think that how long it has been hot was something I was exaggerating, but this morning I looked back at the previous month and since July 31 temperatures have been over 90 degrees. Only a few of those days were below 95, most have hovered between 98 and 100. I feel like a dreadful mother, my little one points to the windows and waves her finger to indicate she wants to go outside, but we melt! How I long for lazy mornings swinging at the park. Last week I found a creative way for Kylie to get some exercise without turning into a sweaty little puddle...

"Okay, now that we've hit the produce department, how about some form of chocolate!"

Our shopping trip went well until she got upset that I put the new Chocolate Oat Crunch Life back on the shelf! I'm not sure which of the two I'm more surprised at, the fact that Life (the good for you wholesome cereal) has added chocolate to their line up or the fact that Kylie actually recognized chocolate on packaging. Yes, I'm pretty sure she figured out what chocolate was, she also casually tried to add a package of Little Debbie brownies to her cart when I wasn't looking. Those were her only attempted purchases, scary smart if you know what I mean!

Luckily at night it cools down into a bearable mid-80s temperature, so we try to get outside after Daddy is home from work. Monday night we spent about 30 minutes playing in the driveway with this fun car from cousin Sara.


"Really Daddy, you can let go on this hill! I've got it!"

"Sit here okay?"

"You're next Mommy!"

I'm still not sure how either one of us managed to get our rear ends on (or off of for that matter) the little seat between the back push bar and the front handles, but it's amazing what you will try for your little one!


Anonymous said...

How did you two manage to sit in that tiny little seat? This extreme heat has prevented Kylie of much of the outdoors that she loves. Looks like she is about ready for the three wheeler. She surely is Kristi's daughter, grocery shopping and loving it!

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