Sun, Sand, & Surf

On Monday the 6th (our 6 month anniversary of Adoption Day) we took Kylie on the beach for the first time. It was especially meaningful to me as Sunset Beach was my first ocean experience too!

At first she wasn't so sure of the sand ~ and even less sure of the moving water, but by the end of the week she loved it all.

"What in the world are you doing daddy? I don't understand the whole 'dribble castle' concept ~ and I don't like it if it has to do with that stuff you call sand!"

"Still not sure about this thing called a 'beach,' but as long as I'm with Mommy and Daddy I guess it is okay."

"Umm, does anyone else think that the heat makes you sleepy?"

"Zzzzz." My mom said that I took a nap my first day on the beach as a 4 month old ~ like mother like daughter I suppose!

"Watermelon, goldfish and pickles in my face when I wake up? I think this beach thing may be alright after all!"

"This place is really fun! Thanks for letting me fly your kite Mr. Mickey!"

"Mommy makes a pretty good napping pillow!" (Thankfully Ian came to my rescue after about 15 minutes and moved her onto the towel. I was afraid I would sweat to death!)

"You make me blush when you say that pink looks good on me!"

"Snack anyone? I hear seaweed is a food item in some cultures..."

"This water isn't quite so scary when Daddy is here!"

Everyone had their own beach chair, even little Kylie ~ thanks to Grandma!

"Who cares about sand and waves, have you seen this piece of driftwood?"

"For some reason I may never understand, Mommy and Daddy keep on grabbing me while the other takes pictures..."

"This is more tolerable ~ the camera may still be out, but at least we are going for a swim."

"PB & J on the beach, does it get any better than this?"

We loved our beach time! I'm so glad that Kylie enjoyed herself as much as she did!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful week! Ann, Mickey, Kathy, Kristi, Ian, Kylie, Traci, Adam and me. A house full of love and laughter. The heat wave was amazing as well. Spent more time in the water just cooling off. Ice cream every night - what can be wrong with that picture?
Watching Kylie daily getting braver in the water and eventually tolerating the sand. We all had fun watching her first beach experience.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the beach a great trip! Oh how I can't wait to go next year!!! Kylie is going to be a natural beach bum like the rest of us!
Aunt Traci