Kylie has a cousin!

(Oh to have seen the open mouth expressions on faces of family and friends that know Traci & Adam! )

No, Kylie has no human cousin yet. Her first cousin is of the four legged variety. He is a four month old Giant Schnauzer named Chaucer. We told Kylie that she was going to meet a puppy tonight ~ funny that Chaucer at four months already stands just about as tall as Maya...

Anyway, he arrived in NC late last night on an air-conditioned van from Missouri, so tonight was our first chance to become acquainted with him. He's a sweetie, and I think he's gonna get a lot bigger ~ those paws are HUGE!

"You said puppy? I think we are visiting the wrong dog ~ he's about as big as Maya!"

Kylie's Uncle Adam, cousin Chaucer, and Aunt Traci ~ what a cute family!

"Is anyone else tired besides me, Chaucer, and Uncle Adam?"

Absolute cuteness!

I know that some people think we are crazy, but what can we say ~ we come from a dog loving family!


Anonymous said...

Chaucer is wonderful! I can't wait to meet him personally. Sunday's will be fun with Chaucer her with Maya, my two 11 year old dogs (Sophia & Jeb). Maya will love having a younger dog to play with! haha
How wonderful that Kylie obviously has no fear of Chaucer. He looks so big but sooo gentle. WooHoo

nai nai miller said...

Contratulations, Traci and Adam. It looks like you have a winner. He is soooo cute. I can hardly wait until Sunday to meet him and see him with Kylie. What a blessing to have such a wonderful extended family.