Summer Nights (Vacation time "off the beach")

In our family we take the word "Vacation" pretty seriously! Of course we all had our cell phones for use on the way to and from Sunset Beach, but once we got there they were turned off and left in drawers in the house. We left computers and even watches behind and really only looked at the TV to get a weather forecast that we could have figured out ourselves ~ HOT!!! Due to the extreme heat and the fact that we now have a youngster, we did spend a bit more time in the cool oasis of the air-conditioning of the house.

Oh, and did I mention that we cooked at the house most nights but celebrated being frugal in that respect by going to get ice cream EVERY night? Kylie was in heaven even though she shared with us and only got her own cup the last night (and I have to admit that it was for a slightly selfish reason ~ Ian and I both wanted to get cappuccino crunch ice cream that night, so Kylie got a kiddie scoop of strawberry).

"Do you really think this hat makes me look silly?"

"I think all the calcium from my ice cream is making me stronger! I can hold for 10 seconds!" ~ that's longer than some of my preschoolers...

"Hey, this cow doesn't lick!" ~ Kylie enjoyed "petting" and "mooing" at (notice her little pucker) the fake cow in front of the Calabash Creamery after the cow encounter in Ohio. Oh, and yes, I know that the pink shoes clash with the red shirt, but I'm still picking my battles and while I always said, "My kid will never (fill in the blank)" I decided that it could be worse!

"So you said that my reward for sitting still for my first "updo" was ice cream, right? Let's roll!"

"This flavor really is Better than Almond Joy!" ~ not that she has ever tasted one of those!

Today marks the 6 month mark of us arriving home with Kylie! My how time flies. We are documenting the occasion with our required 6 month post placement visit from our social worker and then dinner from SoHo China Cafe.

I can't wait to see what the next 6 months bring!

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Anonymous said...

The tiny LL Bean bag as a hat is just too funny! The ice cream was great - handmade at that. Our one evening at Joe's Crab House was pretty fun, also. Kylie liked the crab "pickers" but didn't like either of her parents in the big bibs!
6 months! Can't seem to remember what our lives were like before Kylie. What a precious gift from our loving heavenly Father.