Summer days at the pool

Kylie's first pool experience came much later than we initially anticipated. Grandma had to get a new liner in her pool this year and with all the running around we've been doing, we just hadn't had a free day to lounge until July 1st. (I know, that is a sin here in the south!)

"Mommy, I think I need a pair of water shoes so that I don't burn my feet anymore on the hot pavement. Let's cool off our feet here in the water." ~ I bought some water sandals for her the next day...

"Thanks for giving me your hand Daddy! How much deeper is the next step?"

Kylie really had a lot of fun her first day. The water was still a bit chilly due to being filled from mom's well (nothing like spring water at a cool blue 52 degrees!) so we didn't stay in long. We've been having typical "Southern summer afternoon thunderstorms" so we didn't get to go back until Saturday.
"Okay, I've got my new hat, new suit, new shoes and new float! I'm ready for swimming today! Oh oh, did Maya fall in the pool and make a big splash?"

We actually thought ahead and bought an extra hat, suit, and sunscreen to keep at Mama's house so that we don't forget them and let our baby burn to a crisp!

"So I thought I was supposed to get in the pool to get wet?"

Yep, thanks to summer rain showers our Saturday afternoon pool time was cut short! (And by short I mean that we never actually made it in...) Kylie had fun playing in the warm rain until we started hearing thunder. Here's hoping this week we'll have better luck!


C.C. said...

What a bathing beauty:-) Darby loves the pool too!

Allison said...

I love the picture of her in the rain!!!! So cute!

Anonymous said...

The water is warming quickly with our 95+ degree weather this week.
Hope this coming weekend will be perfect for spending the entire afternoon at the pool.
Know that Kylie will become a "water" baby as the rest of the family loves the water.