Chillin with Uncle Adam and Aunt Traci

Kylie is one loved little girl! Of course her daddy and I think she is the cutest, smartest, sweetest baby on the planet, but she has a circle of fans outside of us...

Her Aunt Traci and Uncle Adam also think she is fantastic! I knew that my little sis would fall head over heels in love with my daughter, but I will say that it surprised me a bit with how taken Adam has become with Kylie. He is such an adoring uncle!

We typically see them at least one night a week for dinner and last Friday the weather was so nice we had a picnic supper at a park. And who can go to a park without at least one trip down the slide? The answer would of course be Kylie, but Daddy and Aunt Traci also made a few trips...

"Aunt Traci, you said this would be fun ~ AAAHHH!"

"You know what, it was fun! Can I do it again?"

Then we went back to Adam and Traci's new house and Kylie got to play in Uncle Adam's music studio room.

"HEY (hey) IS (is) THERE (there) AN (an) ECHO (echo) IN (in) HERE (here)?"

"Ooohh, what will this button do?"

"This is my favorite thing, what does Martin mean anyway Uncle Adam? Do you mind if I beat on this guitar?"

Good times, good times! Kylie didn't want to leave. My guess is that she will be ready to spend the night with them long before her daddy and I are ready for that to happen...


C.C. said...

Just precious! She looks so natural with the mic in her hand;-)

Jeff and Valerie said...

Cute! I like the picture of her cruising down the slide. What a brave girl!

Aunt Traci said...

And of course Aunt Traci and Uncle Adam are ready for precious Kylie to spend the night as soon as Mommy and Daddy are willing! :) Words can't express how much we love her!
PS: I love the picture of her going down the slide. She looks horrified! Ha ha. Of course we know she was really having a blast!

Anonymous said...

Grandma's name better be in the running for having her precious grandchild spend the night with her! haha How fun to watch your blog and see her doing activities with others. Uncle Adam surely has a lot of patience letting Kylie strum his personal guitar. She'll probably be his first student! She just loves music.
The sliding board looks like it was fun.