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I thought that my heart was full of joy before...

This morning Ian and I stood in front of our church with a host of our family and beloved friends and promised to raise her in a Christian home where we will encourage her relationship with Jesus Christ. Just before the dedication ceremony we sang one of my favorite praise songs and I found myself wiping tears from my eyes.

For some time it seemed that the opportunity to make such a pledge would never come because it seemed that becoming parents would never be a reality. What a long yet faith-building road it has been to get to today! God just had to keep telling us, "Not yet, I have a child picked out for you. Be patient my children and you will be blessed beyond what you expect!" And oh, have we ever!

I'm too exhausted to fully put into words all the joy within my heart tonight, but it was a WONDERFUL day. We were touched by those that made long drives this morning to be here with us and also by our church family that stood and promised to uphold Ian and I as family as we raise Kylie. Thank you to those of you that "prayed" Kylie here!

After church at Mama's house

Our darling

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Anonymous said...

Kylie's Dedication was a beautiful service. About 1/2 of the congregation stood with Kristi, Ian. Each one of us made a commitment that we would help them raise Kylie in a knowing knowledge of Jesus Christ; that we would pray for her and be good examples for her so she will want to choose Jesus as her Lord and Savior as we have.

She looked so beautiful in her traditional Chinese silk dress that they had brought home from China with them. It was one of those moments that sheer joy brought tears to my eyes. Praise God for this precious gift.

Both of her Grandmothers and her honorary Grandparents - Ann and Mickey Cline were there. Mark, our minister, remarked of the importance of our role in helping to raise Kylie to her full potential in the Lord. An awesome responsibility.

Thanks to all of the friends and relatives who came to celebrate this special occasion with us.

Love, LaoLao