Hey, I have a pocket!

In Kylie's world there seem to be new discoveries every day! I am so very blessed to be home with her and get to witness firsthand as she processes new things. One of my favorites lately was that she has pockets in most of her shorts/pants/skirts/etc... Last Tuesday night at Bible Study she accidentally found the pocket on the left side of her little denim skirt. (Didn't Daddy do a good job dressing her? He seems to favor her little mini-jean skirts, he's picked them out several of the last days I've been at preschool.) From the time she found the pocket until we undressed her for her bath she toddled around with her hand in her pocket. Later on in the week she seemed to discover that most things also had a pocket on the right side...

Another discovery that we're proud of (sorry if we're going on and on, but hey, this is the first time we've done this parenting thing!) is her better understanding of the connection between words, signs, pictures, and real animals. For some time she has frantically made the sign for dog whenever we pass one outside. Lately she's started the whole animal sounds thing. She will either sign dog in the morning or she will just look at us after she's done snuggling and make an adorable little "wu-wu-wu" noise (yes, we've caught it on video but I still don't understand how to put short video clips on the blog! She also ~ randomly ~ knows pig and lion noises, but not cat or cow...) indicating that she wants Maya. We can ask her interchangeably "What does Maya say?" or "What does a doggy say?" and she answers correctly. Then Thursday she was in her high chair as her daddy fed her cheese grits for breakfast and she saw a dog being walked outside. Ian said she pointed, signed dog, and said, "Wu-wu-wu." What a smart little girl! I guess she has focused on dogs because it is safe to say her fear of Maya is (thankfully!) a thing of the past!

"Hey Maya, could you hand me that pacifier?"


nai nai miller said...

Thanks, Kristi, for sharing with us all those precious moments of discovery that make Kylie such a delight. I am so glad that you are able to see them firsthand and to record them for the rest of us to treasure. I know it is a major time commitment to make a blog entry so often but it means so much.

Jeff and Valerie said...

Kylie is so smart to sign dog. Malia thinks every animal is a Tucker! We have the same blue tank. Too cute. It is too cute when they discover pockets. Love the photos and write up!