Lazy days of summer

There's not much that says summer more than swimming, eating watermelon, and enjoying the fellowship of family and friends!

Last week provided several opportunities for us to savor summertime!

On Sunday (the 22nd) we ate lunch at Mama's ~ as usual ~ In addition to our usual 8 (Ian's mom, my mom, Adam & Traci, Lee, Ian, Kylie & I) some of my family (an aunt, two cousins, and their children) joined in the fun. 15 of us enjoyed spaghetti, garlic bread, salad and pound cake and then spent time in the pool for our afternoon entertainment.

"Hurry up Abby and Sara! I want to go to the pool!!!"

Sara and Abby ~ water babies!

Adam doing what he does best ~ finding a way to splash the rest of us!

"I'll be in the water in just a minute ~ let me finish my drink! By the way, thank you for my new shoes Mommy! The concrete doesn't burn my feet anymore!"

Poor Andrew is the only one that didn't get to enjoy the cool water. But he did have fun with the float on dry land... (I too had a full arm cast one summer!)

Monday night we enjoyed the ultimate summer dinner with some of our friends ~ BLT sandwiches, green beans from the garden, and watermelon for dessert! Amanda and I watched the kids (four girls between us) while Ian and Joe fried bacon and sliced tomatoes. We enjoyed an evening of conversation and good food. Some time ago we discovered that Kylie really liked watermelon, but Monday night we realized just how much... After pulling the shirts off our girls we let them dig into their melon. I had cut some up for Kylie and she polished off a huge slice worth when she saw that Katherine had sat hers down to go slide in the backyard.

"We can't let this go to waste!"

"Mom, Dad ~ we need to do this more often!"

We haven't gone on our summer vacation yet (beach week is coming soon!!!) but already I can say that for the rest of my life summer 2007 will be one of the sweetest in my memory!


C.C. said...

What fun!! Great pics:-) You are I are going to have to put books on our girls' heads;-) They're growing way too fast!!

Allison said...

I love Kylie's Crocs! Maggie cannot stand watermelon! I think she might be the only kid in the world who wont' eat it!

Anonymous said...

Summer fun with her cousins at the pool. What beautiful children God has given each of you. Fills my heart to see them playing and laughing together.