Bug bites

Apparently Kylie's sweetness is more than just her smile! Bugs LOVE her and even when I'm not getting nibbled by nature's pests, Kylie is getting eaten! (One day we had her sprayed down with Off ~ the formula for especially for kids ~ but had neglected to put any on her face. Guess where she got a mosquito bite...)

Anyway, Friday morning I noticed a bite on her ankle. I showed it to Ian and after we had paid attention to it, she decided that it was bothering her. We were headed downstairs to breakfast and the entire way down, she would stop every two steps to rub it.

"Wonder how much attention I can get out of this bite if I ham it up?"

The much funnier part of this story is what happened each time when I'd ask her, "What is it Kylie?"
"I don't know Mommy!"

By the time we she was chowing down on watermelon and cheese grits (oh yeah I've got a southern girl!) she had totally forgotten about her ankle.

We also had a doctor's appointment on Friday for one more of the dreaded vaccination shots. Dr. D was so pleased with her continued growth, both developmentally and physically. She comprehends so much more now, and she continues to grow taller ~ sometimes I think if you watch her long enough you'll see it happen before your very eyes! I had taken her last on the 20th of June and she was 32 3/4 inches tall. On Friday (the 20th of July) she was 33 3/4 inches! We're getting ready to get out the bricks to put on her head if this growth rate continues!!!

This confirmation of her physical growth came the day after confirmation of her comprehension of verbal language. She was in the tub on Thursday night enjoying her toys when she looked at me and signed that she wanted to brush her teeth. (This is a sign that she made up on her own mid-week ~ I've got to get it on video!!! She holds her finger out and moves her head back and forth instead of the finger) So I replied to her ~ as if I were talking to a 4 year old ~ that "we don't brush our teeth in the bath. We have to wait until we are finished with bath time." She looked at me, slid to the back of the tub, put her toys in the toy net and then signed that she was finished. After I picked my open jaw up off the floor I got her out of the tub and let her brush her teeth.
**This photo was from the previous week ~ just showing our little one in the "big girl tub!"

Yeah, we're spelling many more things around here these days...


Aunt Traci said...

Love the picture of her shrugging her shoulders. That is a classic Kylie look! She is so stinking cute! I could just kiss her little face!

Kristin Wooten said...

Oh the bug bites!! I TOTALLY relate. Our little Lianjiang cutie is a sweet mosquito magent as well. It is awful. I have never seen such bad bug bites in my life. That happened to Zoe several times last year witht he face. One of her bites was right next to her eye and it looked like I had slugged her in the eye. It was almost swollen shut. Our guide in China said that mosquitoes love chinese babies. Go figure.

-Kristin Wooten mom to Zoe