New Signs

Kylie is adding to her sign vocabulary daily. The interesting thing is that I'm no longer initiating which ones she learns. Last Wednesday she pulled one of her favorite books off the shelf and came to me with that sweet smile that said, "Can I sit in your lap while you read me a book?" The first page has a kitten on it and after I read the words she pointed at the cat so I said, "That's a kitty cat." Naturally I began to turn the page at that point. Kylie gently pushed the page back down and again pointed at the kitten. So I said, "That's a kitty cat Kylie," and not thinking much about it, began to turn the page again. Once more she gently pushed the page back down and pointed at the kitten and got the same response from me. This time when I started to turn the page she slammed it back down and very emphatically pointed at the kitten with a determined look in her eye. Then it dawned on me... She wanted the sign for cat! So I showed her and immediately she copied me and then turned the page. Duh mommy!

From that point she has pulled me to different locations around the house pointing at things and giving me that same inquisitive look. She's picked up bath (another one that I MUST get on video ~ her version looks a lot like the funky chicken), brush teeth (a Kylie original sign), hippo, sheep, cow, drink, and sleep. She's also continuing to progress on her verbal skills. Ma ma and Da da are now used correctly and she says Hi, Bye, and my favorite, Amen, (sounds like Ahm) comes at the end of every blessing.

The picture above has nothing to do with Kylie's new signs vocabulary, but does confirm that she is still shoe crazy! It used to drive me crazy that Ian would have every pair of shoes he owns stashed around in various locations downstairs instead of up in his closet. These days it really frustrates me because Kylie can't leave a pair of shoes alone... She either puts them on her own feet or comes to me, drops a shoe at my feet and signs for help ~ meaning for me to help her get it on my foot. It doesn't seem to matter if the shoe is mine or Ian's, she wants me to wear them all. Maybe if I leave a bunch of my shoes in his office...

Life with a toddler is different ~ our house is much more cluttered and dusty than it used to be ~ but I must say, "Life is Good!"

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Jeff and Valerie said...

What a cutie pie! Smart too. Don't know what it is with the shoe thing. Malia has that too although it has become a bit more boring for her in the last week. I hope Kylie moves on to other interesting things soon! Cute photo!