Kylie and I, we're Rockin'!

Isn't the world of the internet a crazy place? I find myself hurrying to do housework chores during Kylie's short morning naps so that I can get a minute to check email and then do one of my favorite things ~ check on my cyber friends! Yes, little country girl me said that I like to check on my cyber friends. Before I met and married my own personal computer guru I would have told you that I'd never use that phrase. These days I follow the lives of several China families that I've never met in person, but think that we'd be friends if we lived closer together!

So Val ~ Malia's mommy ~ at Bringing Home Malia nominated me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger. Val and Jeff went to China to get Malia a month before we did and following them through their China trip made me anticipate ours even more! I've also used her site to have an idea what may be coming down the road for us with Kylie. Malia's relationship with her Golden Retriever, Tucker, gave me hope that Kylie would eventually love Maya. It is funny to see how alike (and of course how different too) our girls are! And you've gotta see Malia's spicy dance video!

Though I don't have any sites other than Kylie's "Lianjiang sisters" linked to my blog, there are several that I check whenever I get a chance. One of my favs is Maggie's Red Thread. I don't even remember now how I stumbled across her blog, but it was a real sanity saver for me during the long wait for referral. Allison and her husband traveled to China to meet Maggie in August/September of last year. I found myself RUSHING home each day to follow their journey. It was somehow theraputic for me to live someone else's dream. I realized after following along for two weeks that Allison lives in the same metro area of NC as us and used the same agency. After we got our referral I found out that Kylie and Maggie are from the same orphanage. No, we still haven't actually met in person, but I'm sure before long we will... Until then I'll be checking Maggie's Red Thread to see the latest in Maggie's world. Allison comes up with the funniest captions for her pictures! Check it out and enjoy!

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