some language and some that Kylie is growing older...

I'll begin by saying that sometimes I feel that I'm going on and on about the littlest accomplishments that Kylie makes. And then I realize that indeed I am, but that's okay, I'm her mommy and I can be proud of my precious darling. Besides, it's not as though I'm forcing anyone to read the latest on Fireworks and Fireflies ~ I figure if you're here you want to know what's up in Kylie's world.

So I'll start with some of her cuteness on Sunday. First is just showing off her new dress. Well, her Grandma's bought it about 3 months ago one night when they took us out to dinner, but she has just grown into most of her 18 month clothing (Sigh!) and Sunday was the first time she wore it.

When we first got home from China just the sight of Maya sent Kylie shuddering and screaming. She would cry and clutch onto us for dear life. Not anymore! She's taken to looking for Maya immediately when she wakes up and these days it's Maya that tends to head the other direction when Kylie is rambunctious. Sunday afternoon I managed to catch this non-posed hug that lasted long enough for me to grab the camera, turn it on and snap several shots.

Then as we sat outside in the shade at Mama's she noticed the horses. Last month while we were playing with her Little People farm I showed her the signs for horse, pig, sheep, cow and chicken a few times, but then Ian and I decided that we'd stick with words that were more "useful" and I hadn't really showed her since. She started pointing and grunting at the horses and when I asked her what she wanted (more out of "mommy talk" habit than expecting an answer) she gave me this abbreviated version of horse. Despite the fact that I was quite comfortable in my lawn chair and that I'm highly allergic to horses these days, of course I gave in to my child's smartness and took her down to pet them!

Speaking of "useful" signs, today my mom kept Kylie while I was at preschool. Over the past few days Kylie has taken to grunting when she would like assistance with something. I commented to my mom (after getting the rundown of meals, playtime, and naps) on how I didn't really mean what I was about to say, but that part of me would be glad when Kylie could talk so that she would stop grunting. Mama just looked at me and said, "Well why don't you teach her the sign for 'help'?" After telling her that I didn't think it was in the My First Signs book, mom informed me that she had been flipping through it earlier and it was on the third page. So I looked it up and started showing Kylie along with saying it and then helping her do things like get up on the couch or open my nalgene bottle for a sip of water. By this evening the little bugger had gotten the idea and brought me the shoe box (that we brought home from China that is still one of her favorite toys) that she was trying to put the lid on, dropped the box, signed for help and then held it back up to me. Wow! No grunting! Talk about ending some frustration (on both of our parts)!

Another funny thing Kylie has taken to is checking out containers after I finish feeding her. (I would say that at this point she is eating about 1/3 baby food, 1/3 finger food, and 1/3 table food). Most mornings she finishes breakfast with a yogurt. Here is the series that resulted yesterday after she ate a full breakfast (1/4 slice of whole wheat bread, 1/2 banana, 4 strawberries, and the entire container of vanilla yogurt ~ at least I thought it was the whole container...)

"Hey ma-ma, I think you missed a bite!"

"See, there was a whole spoonful in here ~ never mind that I'm holding the spoon sideways!"

"And if I just get my tongue right here..."

"Ahh, whole milk vanilla goodness!"

"Doesn't it bother anyone else that my hands are covered in yogurt?"

And then she cried until I washed her hands, but she totally missed the fact that her face was covered too...


C.C. Claybrook said...

We have found signs to be helpful too. And I, too, wish I had taught Darby more...I guess I still could.

Today when I was catching up on your blog, Darby was sitting in my lap having a "naa" (snack) when she saw a pic of Kylie. She offered a snack to Kylie and started making kissing sounds at her. She seemed to recognize her!

Anonymous said...

Of course, I am a very proud grandmother but I think she is exceptional! NaiNai and I enjoy buying pretty dresses and items for her. We try not to spoil her too much!

I was so surprised when she started signing for the horses on Sunday. They would move in the pasture and she would catch site of them at another place and would sign again and then do the "2 slaps on her thigh" (which really means dog, but she uses it effectively to call all of us! hahaha). It does get our attention!

I never understood why anyone would teach their child signing - now that I see Kylie telling me she wants to eat, she wants more, she is finished and asking please ...I understand. It makes life much less frustrating for her. She obsiously knows what she wants to say, just doesn't have the verbal speak the words, yet.

I enjoy every minute I spend with her. NaiNai and I call it our Kylie "fix"!


Allison said...

Baby signs makes life SO much easier! And also, Maggie has learned to say "up!" when she wants to be picked up instead of the whiny grunt! We MUST get together now that I'm out of school! :)

Jeff and Valerie said...

What a smart girl! And cute too. Of course I love the photo with Maya. Teaching her the sign for help was smart. Wish we would have thought about that one.

Aunt Traci said...

That girl can eat cant she!! Wow.. She is so cute, I love the picture of her signing for the horses!