Happy Father's Day!

Today Ian finally got to be celebrated on Father's Day as a dad! Funny that we can both remember on both Mother's and Father's Day of 2005 thinking that it would be the last one before we had a new reason to celebrate those days. When they rolled around last year we were both a bit blue and resigned ourselves to NOT thinking, "This will be the last (fill in the holiday) without our little one."

It is easier to say on this side of the wait, but it is so clear why we had to wait as long as we did to get news of Kylie. She completes our family of three like no other child on this planet could have done. She may not share his skin tone, but she shares many characteristics with her daddy. She has his crazy hair ~ oh yeah, Ian got licked by a cow on both sides in the back ~ when she gets up in the morning and his ability to eat enormous amounts of food and not gain weight. She loves ice cream, sleeping in late, and being outside! She's a real people person, and absolutely loves praise music. That is where I'm loving watching her develop in her similarities to her daddy. He lives his faith ~ not just talks it ~ and that will prove to be crucial in her development of her faith in God as she grows. I'd say that right now she's at least modeling behavior she can see, today when we said blessing before lunch she reached for my hand and then looked incredulous that Mama wasn't reaching for the other one.

Ian is such an amazing daddy! Following are some pictures of the two of them showing the many aspects of his new starring role, fatherhood!

Daddy for less than an hour!

Showering his baby girl with kisses (Guangzhou Zoo)

Allowing his girl to explore her toys ~ and providing commentary of a physics lesson explaining how it works... It's never to early to start and education!

Helping her participate in long established family traditions and practicing her tossing skills ~ she actually threw the egg into the cup!

Helping her develop her physical strength and providing lots of encouragement.

A safe haven from the over sized doggie ~ note Kylie's loving gaze at her daddy!

A boost to be taller to participate in Jesus graffiti on CCC's van known as Trinity.

Happy Father's day to all the men out there, those that are fathers, and those that have filled in when necessary in the lives of a young person! When you are exhausted from a day of work and really just want to sink into the couch, remember that you do make a difference!


Jeff and Valerie said...

Happy late Father's Day! The pictures are great. Of course the one's with Maya included are the cutest!

Rachel Rose said...

that is so special...

Anonymous said...

God certainly put Kylie into your family. Ian, you are such a good, loving father. It is a blessing to see you take your part in every aspect of Kylie's needs...feeding her, putting her to bed, dressing her, changing diapers (yes, even the most yukky ones), playing with her, tickling her.

In the sermon last Sunday, Mark stated a statistic that most fathers spend less than a full minute engaged with their babies each day. What a blessing that you spend so much time with her in all areas of her life. She is so secure and outgoing! I'm proud of you, Ian.