Back in February when we first met Kylie, she was timid. Today you would never guess that this baby was once even remotely shy!

Back then she was small ~ okay, smaller than now! ~ and weighed in at 22.2 pounds. Yesterday she was 24.5! She was also 30 inches tall in February at her physical on Shamian Island; yesterday she measured 32 3/4! (That puts her just above the 95% in height on the American growth charts for her age!)

In February when we first got home she was terrified of Maya. Tuesday morning I caught her loving on her darling doggy before breakfast!

On February 19 Kylie met Eeyore for the first time. While it may almost look like she is having fun, clicking on the picture to enlarge it will show another story. She was a bit overwhelmed! Tuesday morning (exactly four months later) she climbed onto Eeyore and rocked for about 15 minutes while we sang songs and "chatted" with one another.

In the beginning of our life as a family Kylie had to be held until she was deeply asleep for most of her naps (she actually slept best in the Baby Bjorn) and had a very difficult time going to sleep at night. The past several nights I've laid her down in her crib, kissed her goodnight, rubbed her back for a minute and then walked out. And she happily will lay down just about anywhere for naps these days as long as there is a soft blankie available. She rather likes floor naps!

When we first met Kylie she refused to let anything other than a bottle enter her mouth, and she quickly became a snuggler when drinking (well, gulping actually) her formula/rice cereal mix. These days she loves to eat so much that she is feeding herself table food with her little fork and (except for her bedtime milk), refuses to let me hold her for a milk bottle. (By the way, we finally found something that she doesn't like the taste of, so hopefully she does have taste buds and really likes all the other stuff she eats so enthusiastically!)

With all the changes, it is good to notice that some things haven't changed so much!

She still squats a great deal! This is a comfortable position for her and she will squat down to check things out or she'll come running across the room to us and stop about 3 feet in front to "chat." It is too cute! (And I must mention here that a CCC staff person commented on Kylie's squatting and said that in his psychology class in college they learned that people in Western cultures tend to squat with their heels up and people in Eastern cultures tend to squat flat footed like Kylie does. I knew that Kylie used a method that was more Chinese...)

She still pouts from time to time, especially if she wants me to hold her while I'm trying to do something like get ready in the morning or cook dinner or something "unimportant" like that!

And my favorite, she still mimics so much of what she sees her daddy or I doing! Take for example tonight while we were over at my cousin's house washing my car (after the water table/cooler washing fest last Saturday her kids said they wanted to wash the Highlander). Kylie decided that just watching was no fun and to my amazement, picked up a rag and joined in the fun!

Welcome to the lazy days of summer everyone! (The former science teacher in me wants you to know that today was officially the first day!) Eat some watermelon and catch some fireflies because the relaxed days of summertime will be over before we know it!!!


nai nai miller said...

It is such a joy to watch our beautiful baby growing to be so healthy. I miss the "little" baby she used to be, but am thrilled she is getting so strong, capable, and confident. Every day she delights us with some new accomplishment! Way to go Kylie - you go girl!!!

C.C. Claybrook said...

As always I LOVE the updates and pics. I have to do you keep those bows in Kylie's hair?! I am impressed!!

Anonymous said...

Can it be just four months? What did the family do before we had her? She has gone from the sober, tentative 11 month old to a confident, smiling 15 month old.
What a delight!

Autn Traci said...

She has changed so much over these last few months and it seems that I have changed too! I just keep loving her more and more! She is sooooo precious!