Breaking in the pantry and Girls day

So it may be almost time to buy those door handle things that keep kids from opening doors! Kylie likes to pull things off the bottom shelf of the pantry, so we've been trying to remember to keep the door closed. She also realizes there is food behind that door because Tuesday she signed "eat" to me and then headed for the pantry door. When did my little girl get so tall?
I will have to say though that I realize we are lucky to have a healthy eater on our hands. Despite the fact that there are Chocolate Teddy grahams and Gerber puffs within reach, this was her "prize."
In case it has been a while since you've identified Gerber baby food by color, that would be Apple Blueberry! Anything with blueberries is her favorite! In fact also on Tuesday she almost dove out of my arms when she saw the blueberries being scanned at the grocery. Even the checkout girl noticed and commented on how cute it was that Kylie got so excited over fruit!

The next picture is just because I can... my girl got excited over pretty flowers!

This morning was the first Saturday since April 7th that we didn't have something (a meeting, helping Adam and Traci move, being out of town...) to do before 9am! Needless to say we are looking forward to the lazy pace of summer! After spending some family snuggle time upstairs, we headed down to a gourmet breakfast prepared by Kylie's daddy (oh yes, I said Ian fixed breakfast! Saturday mornings are his time to shine!) From there the day got busy, but for a few hours we were able to just chill. I suppose if everyday were like those fleeting hours that we'd stop appreciating them...

Anyway, Ian headed off to some responsibilities for his upcoming mission trip with the youth of the church (this will be the first year since 1998 that I haven't gone too) and Kylie and I went to pick Abby up for our "girls day!" We started out at Pizza Hut ~ Abby chose our lunch location. The little mommy in her helped Kylie eat her ravioli and peas while waiting for her pizza.

Next was the park. In my opinion this is the best free entertainment you can get! Kylie LOVES to swing, slide, and just play in wide open flat space (our yard is rather hilly) and both girls had some fun on the swings for a while. Kylie may have learned to use the "big girl" swing last weekend, but today she went for bigger pushes in the baby swing. She just kept giggling and nodding her head for more! We also spent time on the slides and took a walk. Note the matching theme shirts on the girls ~ Abby was so proud!Later on Abby's mom (with Adam and Andrew ~ Abby's brothers) came to pick her up at my house. Kylie was sleeping so we went outside and the Triple A's ended up scrubbing Kylie's water table and our coolers while we waited for her to wake up from her nap (another reason I think the park is the best ~ Kylie takes good naps after we get home!)

I have to put a quick note here to say congratulations to all the folks who got referrals last week! Here's hoping that your TAs will come soon so you can go meet your precious children! And for those of you still waiting, know that we send prayers heavenward for you each night! As a friend of ours once said, "It won't just be any child at any time, it will be just the right child at just the right time!" And he was right!!!


C.C. Claybrook said...

I LOVE reading and keeping up with your family. Kylie makes me laugh. I think my favorite pic was the family portrait at the end:-)

Anonymous said...

What a fun day. Triple A's did a great job getting the water table and coolers clean - believe it was also fun for them to be able to get wet. There was a lot of laughing and smiles!

Kylie with her "Everyone loves a brown eyed girl" and Abby with her "Everyone loves a blue eyed girl" shirts are so cute. Certainly is true with those two precious girls.