Abby is 5!

Wow, where did five years go? I still remember heading down to the hospital the day Abby was born and today that little cutie turned 5!

After Kylie woke up from a power nap on the floor of her room (yes, I wrote floor ~ she is flipping out when I put her in her crib since we've been home from all of our travel ~ so today we both won. She didn't go in her crib, but she did take a 2 1/2 hour nap on her favorite blankie on the floor of her room) we headed over to Abby's house to celebrate her birthday.

I think Kylie was pretty taken by the motorized "chopper" that belongs to the Triple A's. I told my mom that when Kylie started speaking and asked for one that she was responsible for making that dream come true since she put Kylie on it the first time.

Learning to be a "biker babe?"

Abby loves Kylie and just happened to have a Carter's shirt before that matched one of Kylie's shirts. We decided that a good present for her would be to buy her a shirt that matched one that fits Kylie now. When we arrived Abby commented that she liked Kylie's shirt and I thought, "Well good, you are getting one." I wish I had caught the expression on her face when she opened the shirt and saw that it was the same one Kylie had on. Too cute! So of course we had to take some pictures. And anyone that has a 15 month old I'm sure can relate to the series of pictures that is next...

"You want me to stand where?"

"Oh, and look at the camera too? Sorry!"

"I was standing in the right place and looking! You guys are too slow!"

"I just crack myself up sometimes!"

"I know you are frustrated with me, but just raise your hands like my CCC staff friends, it will make you feel better!"

And poor Abby through the entire series! She stood still with a smile plastered on her face knowing that sooner or later Kylie would be looking at the camera at the right time...

"Why didn't you say you'd give me strawberry ice cream to start with? Oh, and you know that I love little chairs, thanks for the place to sit!"

Kylie does love Andrew ~ who still refers to her as his girlfriend, I don't have the heart to remind him that they are cousins just yet... ~ and sat pretty still beside him on Abby's little stool. Adam even joined in for the last picture! One advantage of brown eyes over blue that I've now come to appreciate more, note the red eye in the Triple A's and that Kylie doesn't have it...

Oh well, so the pictures aren't professional quality... it just adds to the memories, right? As we left Abby asked if she and Kylie could wear their matching shirts to our upcoming girls day (which looks a lot like breakfast at Chick-fil-A and some time at the park). My response, "Of course sweetie, of course." Now if only Cherokee made this little purple shirt in my size too...


Robin said...

Hope you had a sweet Happy Birthday Abby! Congrats on being 5 and probably starting school this fall. What fun that will be!

Anonymous said...

Abby is 5? Wow, am I getting old! haha What a fun time at Tricia's celebrating. Abby and Kylie looked so cute in their matching shirts.

Sarah is also 5. She likes to wear only dresses so Kristi is looking for a dress in two sizes so she and Kylie can dress alike when we get together for lunch once or twice/month.

We are so blessed to have a big extended family living in this area.