Swinging back 12 years

So I start this post with a photo of Kylie swinging (yes, she figured out how to hold on to a "big girl" swing at staff training) with Carson. Twelve years ago this summer I met Carson for the first time. Back then I was on summer staff attending the training and her parents were leaders ~ her dad led sessions and her mom cooked for us... Yes, I met Carson as a baby, she was about 9 months old in the summer of '95.

Funny, but if you had told me that summer that twelve years later I'd be there at staff training ~ with my little girl in tow ~ I would have laughed. And yet there I was, balancing cooking three meals a day for 55 with caring for my vivacious daughter (thanks to the generous help from my mom, the other trainers, and Kylie's new fan club ~ the summer staff themselves)!

Thankfully in the summer of '96 I met Ian on the front porch of the main lodge at Camp Loy White and a close friendship formed. After the summer closed out, that friendship blossomed into more and in July of '99 I married the love of my life. Luckily his devotion to the ministry was just as strong as mine and we have managed to remain loyal supporters of CCC.

So there I sat, pushing my little girl back and forth on the swing, thinking back on the past and again thanking God for the direction He has provided in life. What an amazing God that brings families together across the miles (Ian grew up in VA and attended VT, I grew up in NC and attended Elon, but we met eventually) and even across the world (I can't imagine any child other than Kylie in our family)!

Though I was right in front of her, even from afar her Daddy's voice catches her attention!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ann Marie for putting Kylie on the swing and pushing her the very first time. Kylie just loved it! Guess it was a natural instinct for her to hold on - as she had never been on anything but a baby swing before where she didn't need to "hold on".

It is amazing to see the difference in Kylie in the 4 months that Kristi and Ian have had her. She has gone from a very sober and contemplative baby to a laughing, effervescent toddler! When meeting new people, she watches her Mommy and Daddy for their reactions to the person and/or people. If Mommy and Daddy are smiling and relaxed then Kylie is the same. She immediately embraced the 37 staff folks and would hold out her hand for a finger to each and every one of them. WooHoo!

What a blessing to our family!