We all scream for ice cream!

Ice cream, otherwise known as most addictive substance known to baby! Kylie has tasted a bit of the sweet nectar before, but Wednesday night she showed Ian and I that she does truly belong in this family!

Following each bite ~ well as soon as the brain freeze (remember that this girl despises anything else cold) would wear off ~ she would politely sign “more, please.” As my ice cream ran out, she moved on to Ian. As a bite would go in her mouth she would immediately begin signing “eat, more, please.” As his ice cream was disappearing she began signing “more, eat, more, please, please, please, more.” They were coming so fast and she looked so desperate that it was if she was screaming! We were both laughing so hard that she was getting frustrated and began looking heavenward as if she were requesting more ice cream from God himself. We had decided that she had enough, so her next tactic was to try to dive into Ian's ice cream bowl.

"Brain Freeze" face
"I'm diving in!"
All I can say is that she gets it honest!
My mom's mom was an ice cream person! Every time I'd go see her she'd ask if I wanted to go to Baskin Robbins for a little treat. Grandma would even mail me a $5 each month while I was in college and tell me to go buy myself an ice cream cone.
My dad was also an ice cream fanatic. I can remember many times that I'd be up to visit him in Maine and we'd stop twice a day for ice cream. And we'd always hit the Freeport Ben & Jerry's on the way to his house from the airport...
Ian and I love ice cream too. We'd rather eat a small meal at home and then go to Coldstone Creamery to share a Love It sized bowl of sweet cream mixed with Heath Bar and walnuts than go out to dinner!
And before the comments come in on bad nutrition, check out Kylie's colorful dinner. She had a well balanced meal for dinner before we indulged her in a sweet treat! There were green beans (forget the baby food variety, just cut her up the real thing ~ and it's better with mustard sauce, she's all about seasoning!), mashed sweet potatoes, more broccoli with cheese, a bit of mango (not a real hit tonight, but we'll try again tomorrow), and some turkey sticks.

"I'm gonna eat a bunch of this stuff, but I'll save room in my dessert stomach for that stuff they call ice cream!"

One lesson learned though, ice cream 5 minutes before bed time isn't one of our best ideas...


Jeff and Valerie said...

We have a Coldstone in walking distance. Very dangerous (-: Malia loves ice cream too! Kylie looks like she just fits right in.

Anonymous said...

Yep that she definitely fits right into this sweet tooth family! Sorry I think I started the chocholate cake craze. :)