Time flies!

Gracious where have three months gone? It is astonishing that three months ago yesterday a quiet, timid baby was handed to me in a hot room in southern China. After signing some paperwork and interviewing the orphanage representatives, we took Kylie BaoZhen back to our temporary home at the China Hotel for the "harmonious period." And then the next day (three months ago today) we headed back to the Guangdong office of Civil Affairs where we were interviewed in two separate rooms. In the first we were asked by a civil affairs officer if the "harmonious period" had been to our liking. Of course we said yes! Then he asked if we intended to complete the adoption process for this child. Again we said (almost shouted) YES! Then it was on to the notary. She asked us if we wanted to adopt this child and after promising to offer her a full education, provide her with a loving home, and never to abandon her, we signed on the dotted line. From there it was on to get our first official family portrait done (for her adoption certificate), and then it was legal. Kylie was officially part of our family. The adoption was complete in the eyes of the Chinese government. All there was to do now was apply for her Chinese passport and her American visa.

At that point Kylie was still very shy around us and while she didn't seem too distressed about suddenly being with some complete strangers, she was very reserved. There wasn't an overabundance of crying, but she didn't want to be cuddled and would stay very stiff when we gave her a bottle or tried to soothe her. I wasn't super worried, but thought we had a long road ahead until Kylie really bonded with us. And then after bath on adoption night, we finally got the first giggle fest. It started out with just a smile, but before long she was belly laughing as we took turns gently tickling her belly. We just watched it on video last week and it brought tears to my eyes as I watched our girl truly relax with us for the first time. It was that very moment that I knew we were going to be okay!

Fast forward three months...

Kylie is very outgoing (as long as she has an eye on either Ian or I) and loves her family! This close circle of love extends beyond just her mommy and daddy and includes both grandmas, Aunt Traci and Uncle Adam, our "Sunday brother" Lee, and of course Maya! She is also fond of many of our friends, especially our Tuesday night Bible study group and our friends from Sunday School. These days Kylie frequently finds herself the center of attention as she dances to music that she hears or just stands and starts laughing to see how many grown-ups she can get to mock her. She will be a ham for attention and loves to wave, give high fives, and blow kisses to almost everyone she meets. And man has she grown!

Just the three of us...
The whole family!

Happy 3 month adoption anniversary Guangdong girls! We miss you Kristin, Darby, Sarah, Marisa, Olivia, Caroline, Nellie, Grace, Hallie, & Lottie! Hope to see you all soon!


Jeff and Valerie said...

Wow three months! The days just seem to fly by. I don't even know what the date is today. Kylie looks beautiful as usual and you two look fabulously happy!

Anonymous said...

AWE! I Can't believe the time has flown by either. In some ways it just seems like yesterday, but when I see Kylie and she give's me a high five or shows me where her nose is, it seems like she has been with you guys forever!