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Food according to Kylie:
OUT ~ pureed baby food that mommy feeds me with a spoon
IN ~ ANY table food that I can feed myself, and please notice how I'm holding a spoon while eating...She did actually get a spoonful of peach applesauce to her mouth this morning after refusing to let me feed her. Luckily it was bath morning, if it hadn't have been we would have gone outside to play at the water table!

She now knows that yummy food (current table food favorite is steamed broccoli with cheese!) and milk come from the fridge. While I was making dinner last night she stepped in the way of the door and wouldn't move for me to shut it. So what did I do? Yes, of course, get the camera and take a picture!

"Who me?"

"Here mommy, I think that we need to buy some chocolate teddy grahams when we go to the grocery in a few minutes! "
Kylie's buddy Zachary had chocolate teddy grahams in church on Sunday and his daddy shared! Oh boy were those a hit. And I thought that she liked Gerber puffs... Funny thing about the pile of coupons is that all of those were expired. I had misplaced my coupon organizer and let lots of good stuff go ~ not that I've cooked that much since we've been home... Yesterday I actually found the coupons organizer, reloaded it, made a list before I went to the grocery and used my new, non-expired coupons. I saved $11.68! Yay it's good to be back in somewhat "normal" shopping mode!

And my new favorite picture (or at least a tie with the one of teddy...)! Look out Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models, here comes my baby!
Note to self (and anyone who wants to learn from my silly mistake)... It isn't such a good idea to fold down the top of a swimmy diaper so that it doesn't show out of a bikini bottom. When I picked her up I was in for a surprise because apparently swimmy diapers only hold liquid in when they are pulled up straight. Both of us had a clothes change when we went inside, Kylie needed clothing and I needed a dry (and clean) hip.

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