I'm grateful!

Today I realized, I mean REALLY realized, how grateful I am that we are blessed to the point that I can stay home with Kylie. I went in to work at preschool today (starting the week of June 2nd I'll go back on Tuesdays and Thursdays ~ I'm subbing some to end out my maternity leave). Kylie ~ the ultimate sleepy head ~ was still asleep when I left this morning. Shortly after I got home from school she took a two hour nap and then tonight was my monthly dinner out with my "JN Fries friends," so I left again around six. By the time I got home it was time for Kylie to go to bed, and it was Daddy's night to have that snuggle time (we alternate nights), so I took Maya for a walk. As I walked down the street I realized how much I missed my little sweetie today. It seems that each day brings something new with Kylie. I realized that if I were still bogged down in sixth grade math paperwork, every day would be much like today... with me missing her new things.

For example, Kylie recently started this little laugh thing where she will stand up and look directly at you. Then she drops something or does a funny little dance move, throws her head back, and laughs. This laughter lasts about 3 seconds and then she stands up straight and gets a totally serious look on her face as if to say, "what are you laughing at?" This cycle repeats for at least five minutes and by the time it is over, my stomach muscles hurt from laughing so much. I have it on video, but I'm too lazy to figure out how to post it here, so I'll just include pictures.

And then there was last Monday night when I was putting her to bed. After our usual routine of bottle, book, and singing I was rubbing her back. Normally I do this until her eyes begin to close and then quietly walk out of her room. She was laying there wide awake, rolled over on her back, looked up at me, waved bye-bye, and rolled back on her side. I kept rubbing her back thinking she was just being cute. She rolled back over on her back, waved some more, grunted and then went back to her side. That time I got the picture loud and clear and walked away from her crib. I heard her cooing for a while to herself, but she didn't need me anymore. How different from the little girl that had to fall deeply asleep in our arms the first month or so that she was with us...

Then today I watched for about 30 minutes as Kylie tried to figure out how to play a little whistle that Uncle Adam's mom bought for her. She'd try to blow into it and then hand it to me dripping with drool so she could watch me do it again. I'd wipe it off, blow into it and then she'd reach back for it with a determined look on her face. She still hasn't quite figured it out, but there's always tomorrow!

"Could you show me one more time Mommy?"

She also seemed to figure out (finally) that to get water out of a cup you have to tilt it. I mentioned before that we've bought (and temporarily given up on) four different brands of sippy cups. But today she carried around a small sippy cup ~ minus the lid ~ that was empty and tilted it as if she were drinking from it. Maybe we'll skip the lid phase and go directly to drinking out of a cup?

"So how exactly do you and Daddy get a drink out of this thing? I can't seem to find my water!"

It is those little moments when her face lights up with understanding or a new personality trait shines through that make being at home with her my favorite thing. Each night when I go to bed I wonder what discoveries, behaviors, and accomplishments the next day will bring! I am really getting used to this Mommy thing!

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