Loving teddy

Every little girl deserves to have a special teddy. I still have my "brown bear" ~ yeah, real creative on the name, I know ~ from childhood. I loved for my mom to tell me that little tiny brown bear was in my crib with me from the very beginning! I knew a long time ago that I wanted my child one day to have a special stuffed animal that would be hers from the start. So in June of 2003 when I went on a business trip to Belgium with Ian, we picked out this teddy in a toy store in Brussels. I almost have to laugh when I think that we stood in a store off of Grand Place almost three years before Kylie was born trying to decide which bear felt the softest. Back then we so wanted to have the child that would love that teddy. Amazing that it would be 3 1/2 years before we found her. Teddy has been in her crib since the first day she was here, and now she is starting to love him. He travels with us everywhere so that she can nap snuggled up with him. And as Kylie is beginning to make more efforts to talk, I have to wonder what his name will be...

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Anonymous said...

What a precious little doll! How I thank God for this perfect addition to our family. Kylie, what is Teddy's name going to be?