Last weekend of April

It's been a busy few days. I am still on maternity leave from preschool ~ do I have the best boss or what? ~ but have been doing some subbing for the four year old class. I worked Friday and Monday and with all that went on this weekend, it seemed like the two days were back to back instead of two days apart!

Friday Ian was working on a deadline for work, so he couldn't keep Kylie while I was at preschool. His mom came over to keep our little one out of trouble (read as "off the steps, out of the pantry ~ today she figured out how to open and begin to consume the container of raisins, ~ out of the cabinets with sharp objects ~ the other day she walked into the living room with the apple corer/wedger, ~ and away from the stereo and TV.") All in all I think they had a good morning. In one of his what I call "walk-bys" during the morning he took this shot of NaiNai teaching Kylie about the animals on the farm.

Friday night we went to the funeral home to pay respects to the family of my honorary NC grandfather. I knew him as Pa, primarily because my younger sister's best friend was his granddaughter and she called him Paw Paw. I still remember as a kid slipping one time and calling his wife Maw Maw and she looked at me and said, "Well honey, don't you worry one bit, you don't have grandparents in NC, so we will be your NC Ma and Pa." And that settled that... Saturday as we prepared to go to the funeral I was having a difficult time. Kylie was in my arms and I had tears streaming down my face as I remembered Ma and Pa. Kylie reached up and with a concerned look on her face started wiping my tears away. Oh how my heart melted!

After saying goodbye we came home, changed our clothes and headed to Aunt Traci's play. (She teaches art and drama at a local high school). She had stressed about it in the weeks leading up to the play, but her students pulled it off well. We were well entertained, even Kylie really enjoyed the show especially during its loud parts ~ which was about the only time she would look up away from the program!

Chilling out on the set after the show ~ being the niece of the director/producer has it's advantages!

Sunday was the usual of church followed by Sunday dinner and then naps at Mama's. We took advantage of the beautiful weather with some time outdoors. We're building Kylie's tolerance to grass. She did much better Sunday than the previous times we set her down barefoot. Usually she will only have one foot down at a time as if by holding one up that she will be able to levitate above the offending green stuff. Actually it was probably the clover that kept her from being silly this time, she has taken an interest in flowers!

Kylie also got a chance to enjoy dining outdoors. She is one cool mama with Uncle Adam's shades as she signs for more carrots! And cutest of all, she knows how to say please now. Sadly that does mean that she gets just about anything from her adoring aunt, uncle, and grandmothers...

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