Miss you Dad!

Today my dad would have turned 68. The past few years April 29th has been somewhat bittersweet as I remember both his birthday and the fact that he is no longer with us. Sometimes I can hardly believe that he has been gone almost three years, and other times it seems like an eternity since I heard his voice. He wasn't a perfect man, as humans we all fall short of that mark, but he was a great dad! These two photos are from the last time I saw dad in Maine in July of 2003. We were actually hiking up Blueberry Hill (in the photo on the right) when Alexander announced that he needed to take a break. And before I headed home from that 10 day visit, Dad resurrected that hideous hat (top photo)! It was one that he used to embarrass Traci and I with when we were teenagers. He was so proud that he had found it and could try to make me cringe with it again!

I wish that Dad could have met Kylie ~ or for that matter known that she was coming. (We made the decision to adopt about six months after he passed away). I know that he would have loved this precious child as much as the rest of her grandparents do. And I wish that Kylie could have known him too! I know that I was blessed to have all four of my grandparents until I was 21! But while she may never know her Grandpa Shultz in person, the stories will be passed down. She will know other family members and be influenced by them ~ she's wearing a dress Uncle Alexander picked out for her. I'm sure that his love for photography and the outdoors will carry on...

I miss you Dad!


Jeff and Valerie said...

Come on now ... I love the hat (: It looks to me like you have a bit of your dad's smile!

Whit said...

kristi, i still remember the night that you shared memories of your father with us at patton springs. you remember him with such honor and grace. i grew up not knowing either of my grandfathers, and through stories and photos i feel as if i know both of them. though kylie won't grow up knowing him, i promise you that she will grow to love her grandfather through his love for you and her seeing your love for him.