Black bench with Kristin & Olivia

Mother's Day was such a special day for me this year! It was my first celebration as a mommy, AND we got to visit with some of our China friends. As it turns out, Olivia's family and Kristin's family live relatively close to Ian's dad. We sent several emails around and finally settled on a location and time that worked for all three families.

Ian, Kylie and I enjoyed our time visiting so much! We recalled highlights of our China trip, discussed how things are going at home (from eating, walking, and the dumb things strangers sometimes are compelled to say...) and even met Bob and Jenny's older daughters that didn't go to China with us.

All in all we spent about three hours catching up and it made me want even more to try and get a big reunion for all our Guangdong families planned next summer! The evening can best be summed up with pictures. Without further ado... the girls on the red couch!

Kylie, Kristin, & Olivia ~ three Lianjiang beauties!
Okay, so it isn't the red couch, and several of our friends aren't here...

Remember when? This photo was 3 months and 1 day ago...

"Hey, I think I know you from somewhere!"
The look is familiar as the two former roomies check each other out!

Curious glances even on February 12th, just days after meeting their families and therefore being separated from one another in their room at the SWI.

Olivia and Kylie showed their climbing and balancing skills many times.

Group shot ~ and it is actually good of all of us except Jenny with her eyes closed. (Not bad for propping the camera on a wall and setting the timer!) Bob and Jenny are on the left with their girls Elle, Olivia and Grace. Ian, Kylie and I are in the center and then Maria, Shannon, Kristin and Melanie SuSu are on the right.

Elle holding Kylie as she patiently (yeah, right ~ if you've met Kylie you know that patient and food don't go in the same sentence!) waits for Ms. Jenny to give her a Cheerio.

Kylie shows her jealous side and claims her daddy after Kristin says hello.

SuSu passes out hugs as her family leaves.

I wish we lived closer to Bob and Jenny! Grace is a great babysitter in training!

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