Gemini (actually Jim & I)

When I first met Ian (almost 11 years ago now ~ WOW how time flies) I began hearing stories about Jim. It seems that they managed to get themselves into ~ and then back out of ~ plenty of ridiculous situations in their days at VT. The tales usually began, "One time Jim and I..." and I always laughed to myself thinking Gemini!

I remember finally meeting Jim (about 10 years ago) and saying, "Oh, so you're the one that got the bus stuck in the sand in Florida on tour?" I'm not sure who was more upset, Jim for knowing that I knew the story before I met him, or Ian for being caught in having told me...

Over the years we would always manage to see Jim on our trips to VT, and he was the first of Ian's Wesley friends to notice the sparkle on my left hand after we were engaged. He served as the best man in our wedding and has been a loyal friend, always coming to visit when he was anywhere near us in NC. I was so glad when Jim finally found Anne ~ they are so wonderful together. She is the perfect woman for him and I've come to love her as much as I do him!

Anyway, we had the chance to go to church with them on Mother's Day. It was a fabulous worship at a vibrant church. It was youth Sunday and the teenagers at BPC are really into missions. I hope that our kids at Bethel will get as organized! Following the service we were treated to a wonderful brunch at Jim and Anne's home. While our fritata was cooking, Jim took Kylie out into the backyard to check out the plants (anyone who knows my girl knows that this action won serious brownie points for Jim!).

And then Anne treated Kylie to some Honey Graham sticks ~ she made a friend for life!
I think that Kylie most enjoyed herself because Jim & Anne are a bit silly and crazy like her mommy and daddy. All too soon our visit had to end (naps were calling for all of us!), but we all look forward to some time together again soon!

Horsie ride anyone?

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