Sightseeing in DC

On Monday Ian and I spent the day introducing Kylie to our nation's capital. I'm sure that it sounds rather cheesy, but I still get a thrill each time I walk across the national mall! Agree or disagree with our country's politics, there is something exciting about being in the vibrant city that houses our political headquarters and perhaps the most extensive FREE museum and memorial system in the world.

We started with a quick lunch at the food court in the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center ~ quite an impressive building! There we learned that Kylie adores spanakopita ~ spinach and feta pastry for those of you non-Greek food lovers ~ she ate about half of my portion! Fueled by a tasty lunch, we headed by foot all over the tourist area of DC.

Join us on a photo tour of our day...

First view of the capital building ~ that's about as close as we got ~ we ran out of time!

"Do you think that the president will see us today Daddy? Have they ever painted the White House another color?"

Next stop, the FDR memorial ~ the first time we've seen it with the fountains not frozen! We loved the quote, take time to click on the picture and read it!

We then followed the Tidal Basin back up to the Korean War Memorial (Kylie walked around that) and then headed to the Lincoln Memorial. She wanted to climb the steps...
"I can do it myself Mommy!"

Next stop on our walking tour, the Vietnam War Memorial. Kylie again walked, drawing adoring comments from many as she made her way down and then up the incline.

Then we headed back to Daddy's favorite of the Smithsonians, the National Air and Space Museum. Kylie investigated Sky Lab, checked out the Lunar Lander, and touched her first bit of moon rock. Mommy loved teaching about outer space, wonder if we'll have an astronaut on our hands...

After walking as much as Kylie's little legs could carry her, it was time to head back to Ian's dad's house. Kylie caught a ride from Daddy back down the mall to the Smithsonian metro stop for our ride back out of the city.

We can't wait to bring Kylie back to see more of the sights our capital city has to offer! Maybe next time we'll use the shuttle system instead of walking so much, Kylie gave in to her sleepiness on the way from the metro stop back to Ian's dad's!

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