At Grandpa's house

Kylie woke up from her two hour siesta just as we got off of the DC beltway and made our way down the side roads to her Grandpa's. That gave her enough time to shake off the sleepies and become bubbly.

We were greeted by her Uncle Josh (who we actually followed through the neighborhood ~ sporting about in his red Miata with the top down) in the driveway. Then the rest of the family was waiting as we walked in the house. After just a few clingy moments she turned on her charm and started to interact with her relatives.

I just love watching Kylie meet new people. She watches Ian and I to make sure we approve of her approaching folks and then she begins to show off. She was playing peek-a-boo, pointing to her nose, and spinning in circles before we knew it. Then Aunt Rachel presented Kylie with a new teddy (just about the same size and shape as her teddy that I left at home) and Kylie had a new best friend. She spent about 30 minutes running between Rachel and I in the kitchen. Before long she was exploring the cabinets (she found the Tupperware drawer) and acting as if she owned the place. At dinner she discovered Key Lime pie and will now shamelessly flirt with anyone to get a bite of the tart concoction. What a ham!

Ian had to fight hard for bed time, but she finally gave in to the tiredness despite unfamiliar surroundings and slept soundly for about 11 hours. Yesterday morning we took our time getting ready and I finally got around to painting her toenails. She sat rather still for me, but kept trying to grab the brush out of my hands. By the way Aunt Carolyn, I chose a subtle shade of pink rather than the intense red that I understand you painted my toenails at this age...

When we finally were ready to roll, Kylie looked at us like we were insane as we buckled her back into her car seat and headed to Columbia, MD to eat lunch with some of Ian's former co-workers! Luckily for us she sacked out pretty quickly and took her morning nap the entire way up the BW parkway. Wish I could sleep that peacefully in the car!

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