The road from here to there...

We celebrated Kylie's 14 month birthday by strapping our baby in her car seat and heading to Northern Virginia...

Until Thursday her longest car ride had been a mere three hour tour. Nothing like loading everything you own (we did accidentally leave teddy at home ~ I know, BAD mommy. I realized it about 10 minutes after we left the SECOND time ~ we had to go back to the dry cleaners to get our church clothes) and getting into the car for about seven hours... I have much more freedom than Kylie in the car and I myself hate the long ride.

We tried to make it more bearable by stopping for a yummy lunch at my favorite haunt from Elon days, the Blue Ribbon Diner. They have the best onion rings, EVER! I also liked that they have vegetable portions for kids, so Kylie got green beans and mashed potatoes. And she ate every bite, except for the little tiny bit of potatoes that she offered me...

"Try these mashed potatoes Mommy! They are DELICIOUS!"

All too soon our meal was over and it was time to get back into the car. Kylie passed the time for a while by working on her water bottle. She was very attentive to the window and kept an eye out for exciting things.

"Why does everything go by so fast?"

About two hours up the road from Blue Ribbon, we made our only other stop of the trip. One diaper change and a few trips down the rest area playground slide and we were back in the car.
Our little one was a trooper, she entertained herself well. After playing with her hippo for a bit she crashed hard and fell asleep for two hours ~ still wearing her stylish green bracelet!

"Will they ever get me out of this seat?"

Finally we rolled into Ian's dad's driveway at about 7:30. Kylie was about to meet her Grandpa, Aunt Rachel and Uncle Josh!

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