Bathing beauty!

Kylie had her first bathing suit experience on Thursday afternoon. Finally after some late cold spells NC has been warming back up to our glorious spring. This is the time of year I adore here when it is warm outside before the humidity of summer is here to smother us.

We had a quiet day here and decided to take advantage of the warmth by playing at her water table on the back deck between naps. (Playing outside leads to LONG afternoon naps so mommy can do household chores while Kylie catches up on much needed rest!)

She started out with just splashing at the table. Soon enough she discovered the watering can that the Easter Bunny left in her basket. Oh the joys of pouring water... Eventually she even got some water into the water wheel toy! Each time all the water was gone she would hand it back to me and give me that look like, "Okay mommy, work your magic and get more water into my can!" (That is one annoying thing about the water table ~ it is so shallow that you have to tilt the watering can just right to get anything into it...)

Of course Maya had to be near the action! And little Miss "I have no fear of the great yellow monster anymore" stayed in Maya's face. Before long she was grabbing Maya's tennis ball out of her mouth and taunting her with it. Luckily we have a dog with a wonderful disposition and Maya would just patiently wait for Kylie to give her the ball back. We are thrilled that the two of them are getting along so well now.

No trip on the back deck is complete without Kylie climbing up and down the stairs between the upper and lower decks. Daddy came out for a breath of fresh air and helped entertain the little one for a photo shoot. Peek-a-boo anyone?From there it was time for that long afternoon nap. It sounded like such a good idea that I took one too ~ housework can wait, right?

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Aunt Traci said...

she is too cute in that suit! Ah I can't wait until the pool is open at Mom's house!