How we spend our time

Amazed! That's how I can best describe my feelings of wondering where a day goes. I some days can scarcely believe that the hours melt away. I know that we are so blessed that right now me staying home with Kylie is an option! I treasure each day and have to wonder if I will ever stop feeling like the luckiest woman alive to have a husband that I adore and a daughter that makes my heart melt each time I see her. And don't forget the loyal dog too!!!

I've been enjoying watching Kylie develop an interest in some of her toys. She cracks me up in her daily routine of playing with some old favorites and adding a few minutes with new ones. After breakfast each morning she still comes to her Playskool ball popper (usually to capture and start to chew on the pink ball), but now she will also take a minute to walk around with what I call the popcorn popper. I had one of these as a child too, but rest assured that mine didn't count out loud to 10 and then play the tune of "10 Little Indians!" She loves the music and will walk it around just until the music starts. Then she drops the toy and dances. So cute!!!

Another recent discovery is that the barn makes animal noises. She likes to study the pictures on each of the doors, find the matching animal, and then open the door so the sound happens. Yes, I did show her that the animals match the pictures, but I figure it will help her to associate the correct sound with the correct animal. Again, I had one of these Fisher Price barns when I was a kid, but the only sound it made was a sickly mooing when you opened the big barn door. Man how toys advance in 30 years!

One thing I've learned already is that germs and kids go together. I often wonder why I even bother to try and keep her in a relatively clean area. Ian and I had a furry, four-legged daughter first and short of getting rid of Maya (NO WAY THAT'S GONNA HAPPEN!) I'm just not sure how to keep Kylie away from doggie mouth germs. When I'm not on my toes (maybe folding some laundry or unloading the dishwasher) Kylie is offering Maya a lick of her water bottle or dipping her pacifier into Maya's water dish. And then there is the toy sharing...

C'est la vie, at least they get along!

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Jeff and Valerie said...

Oh the joys of loving a golden. Aren't they just the best! But the hair ... yikes even with brushing a lot! I so understand the dog germ stuff. The only thing that makes it a teensy bit okay is that the only living beings Malia has gotten sick from are HUMANS (-: