A Visit from Uncle Alexander

Kylie had the treat of meeting her Uncle Alexander yesterday. (He and his mom stopped by on their way from Maine to DC down to ECU where she will be interviewing for their nursing masters program. We're praying that she gets in and accepts so that Alexander will be only a few hours away instead of the 17 or so that he is now!) Here she says "Oh boy, you came all the way down from Maine to see me? Let's play!"
Lucky for Maya, Alexander has a soft spot for dogs. He gave her some of the attention that Ian and I haven't been able to offer since we've been home from China. I think Maya will miss Alexander as much as I will!This morning while I was getting ready I found them playing
If you have a young child and don't yet have this toy, you need it. It seems to bridge age differences and was some common ground between my nine year old brother and my one year old daughter. I loved watching Alexander with her when he didn't know I was looking. He is such a sweetie!

Later on we decided to head for Discovery Place to check out the Candy Unwrapped exhibit. Alexander enjoyed it even though I was a bit disappointed ~ I had figured with a name like Unwrapped that it would be like the show on Food Network. It was very informative, but not at all like the show. Oh well, the outing provided the opportunity for Alexander to push Kylie around in her stroller downtown. After spending some time on the back deck playing with Maya, we finished up the day by heading to Traci and Adam's for dinner. Every time the three of us are together we take a sibling shot. And now we have to add another little face to the picture ~ siblings plus children!It will seem far too long until the next time we get to see Alexander!

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mnm2anne said...

Hi guys. I check everyone's blog once in a while, and I just had to comment on this one. Anne Marie's b-day was today and we got the same toy for her! Her cousin has this toy & she laughed so loud and jumped up and down so much that Mike ran out to get it for her b-day when he saw how she acted last week. (Too funny you all have it too!) Glad to see you all are doing so well -- she's such a cutie pie! And walking!! Anne Marie just took her 1st steps yesterday, but still unsure! Love to see you all are doing so well!

Melissa, Mike & Anne Marie Hartzler
(Family #5 - Jiangxi Family)